Streetbird Rotisserie is Officially Open!

By Becca Cory | April 6, 2015

Photo courtesy of Eye Swoon

Photo courtesy of Eye Swoon

I am thrilled to announce that as of Thursday, April 2nd, Streetbird Rotisserie is open to the public. Thanks to everyone who came out last week and over the weekend, it’s been an incredible few days and I’m glad you could all be a part of it.

For the first few weeks, we’ll be doing “Spring Training” and offering a limited menu. Some of my favorites include the Notti Greens, Sho’ Nuff Noodles, the Swediopian, and of course, the Rotisserie Chicken. Hope to see you in soon!

Streetbird Rotisserie
2149 Frederick Douglass
New York, NY
Hours: 11:30am – 10pm

Food Stories

Black History Month: The History of Chicken and Waffles

By Marcus Samuelsson | February 20, 2014

(Photo by Maria G.)
(Photo by Maria G.)

(Photo by Maria G.)

The artistic and cultural explosion of the 1920’s and 30’s known as The Harlem Renaissance, also known as one of the most socially alive and creatively conscious eras of African-American history,  ignited a mighty wave of Black literary, musical and visual artistic expression introducing us to Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, jazz, tap dancing and yes, even chicken and waffles.   Read More


How to Roast a Chicken

By Christopher Stewart | May 6, 2013

chicken, perfect roast, how to
how to, roast, chicken, leftovers, easy

Photo: H.Saksono

A perfectly roast chicken is such a comforting meal. It stirs up a mixture of emotions from Sunday dinners with family, to the best left-over sandwich for lunch the next day. Roast chicken is a staple in restaurant kitchens for staff meal and  it also goes a long way. Crispy golden brown skin, and ridiculously juicy meat are all the reasons why roast chicken in general is the go-to meal. The convection ovens in a restaurant kitchen make for perfect chicken skin. All of the hot air from the ovens fans, circulating around the chicken make the skin extra crispy. So what happens to your chicken when you roast it at home in your non-convection oven and the skin isn’t crispy and the meat is not perfectly juicy? Here are our tips to making the perfect roast chicken. Read More


First Fruits of the Harvest: Seven Recipes for Kwaanza

By Emelyn Rude | December 21, 2012

Photos: See Recipes

December 26th of this year will mark the 46th annual annual celebration of Kwaanza, the African-American holiday observed by an estimated 18 million people each year across the United States. Created in 1966 by Black Studies professor Dr. Maulana “Ron” Karenga, the holiday was intended to both honor the values of ancient African cultures and also inspire African Americans who were working towards progress. Deriving its name from the Swahili phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” meaning “first fruits of the harvest,” the holiday is a week long celebration of the Seven Principles and Symbols, as well as of a whole lot of good food. Read More


Cluck n’ Fry: Celebrating Fried Chicken Day

By | July 6, 2012

Korean chicken wings

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Today is National Fried Chicken Day and a dish as quintessentially American as this one couldn’t come at a more perfect time–during the lazy days of summer. While every restaurant, chef or region puts their own spin on flavor and technique, the most satisfying of these fried birds have to be juicy, crunchy and full of tender texture. In celebration of this gastronomical holiday, why not fry up any of these recipes at home. Read More


Is Vegetarian Chicken a Good Alternative to Real Chicken?

By Jeannette | March 15, 2012

Photo:  FotoosVanRobin

Photo: FotoosVanRobin

By: Justin Chan

While local farmers in California are struggling to find slaughterhouses for their chickens, one New York Times writer has suggested abandoning the consumption of chicken altogether and instead opting for a plant-based alternative.

In an op-ed, Mark Bittman writes that the chickens’ poor living conditions and the savage process of slaughtering them warrant a procedure that is more humane. Although one answer is to reduce or eliminate their consciousness, Bittman says the best method is to look for a meat substitute. In the Netherlands, for instance, a shop called The Vegetarian Butcher offers plant-based products that taste awfully similar to meat. The “chicken,” in particular, Bittman notes, would have fooled him had he not known about it beforehand. He says his experience there made him reconsider the advantages of eating vegetarian meat and how it might reduce the environmental damage caused by raising chickens industrially. Read More


Local Farmers Face Troubles as Slaughterhouses Shut Down

By Jeannette | March 13, 2012

Photo: The Real Estreya

Photo: The Real Estreya

By: Justin Chan

In one California region, the local-food movement is in danger of weakening, and some are worried about the economic costs it may have on their businesses.

According to the Wall Street Journal, small chicken farmers in the Bay Area are struggling to find slaughterhouses for their chickens and fear that it may now be more expensive to sell locally produced food to customers. The Bay Area is considered the home of the local-food movement, but businesses such as the slaughter operations in Sonoma County have shut down, forcing local farmers to travel miles to find alternative locations. Three slaughter operations have closed already, and most farmers now find themselves driving at least 100 miles to Stockton and the Central Valley in order to get the appropriate services.

“Sonoma County has this huge farm-to-table movement, and yet we’re being put out of business,” said Adam Parks, owner of Victorian Farmstead in the city of Sebastopol. Read More


Food and Fashion: An Interview with Designer Brittany My Linh Vu

By admin | September 13, 2011

Brittany's Show

By: Ashley Bode

Manhattan is known just as much for fashion design as it is for food. During New York Fashion Week, the city shows off its finest designs and those visiting can see how well the two industries complement one another. It is the opportunity to be reminded of roots and traditions, and how they inspire all aspects of our life.

Case in point: Brittany My Linh Vu; a spit-fire personality and budding fashion designer from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Read More


Come to Red Rooster’s “Chicken and Champagne” Tonight!

By mahir | August 24, 2011

Photo: Monika Sziladi

Photo: Monika Sziladi

Tonight, August 24th,  Red Rooster launches our second “Chicken and Champagne” Night! We’re excited to bring this event to you once again since we had such a blast with the first one. Red Rooster’s “Chicken and Champagne” is our take on the original “Chitlin’ and Champagne” Tuesday special. In addition to our regular menu, we will offer a Champagne by-the-glass special and a selection of 2 Champagne cocktails, as well as “Chicken and Champagne” snacks that include the Chicken and Waffle Bite, Rooster Deviled Egg, and Curried Chitlins.

We created this concept off of the “Chitlin’ and Champagne” special from the original Red Rooster Read More


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