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Caffeine Withdrawal Classified As Mental Disorder

By Alexandra Fleischman | June 17, 2013

coffee, caffeine, coffee addiction, caffeine addiction, caffeine withdrawal
coffee, caffeine, coffee addiction, caffeine addiction, caffeine withdrawal

Photo: Tim Geers

More than once, I’ve suffered through a bad headache only to realize, midday, that somehow I left my regular cup of coffee out of my morning routine. Annoying as it is, it’s an easy problem to fix…with a cup coffee.

According to the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, caffeine withdrawal is a mental disorder, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Read More

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The Health Benefits of Coffee

By Joseph Hernandez | November 6, 2012

health benefits of coffee

Infographic: Joseph Hernandez

Come Monday morning, it’s all many of us can do to not race to the office coffee machine for a mug o’ joe. It seems that in our g0-go-go culture, java is nothing less than the Nectar of the Gods. With just one cup, you’ve got a pep in your step. Alert and ready to tackle the day, you are thankful for your fuel.

Besides waking you from your morning stupor, did you know that coffee provides a range of other benefits? If you limit the amount of cream and sugar, your daily cup–or cups–of coffee can go a long way. Read More

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Lenox Coffee: Bringing Coffee Culture to Harlem

By Cyndi Amaya | June 4, 2012

Aaron Baird and Jeff Green

Opening a new business can no doubt be a challenge, but if that business has always been one of your goals in life, no matter what challenge comes your way, you’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.

After much research followed by even more toil, Aaron Baird and Jeff Green opened Lenox Coffee on 129th and Lenox Ave last December. Open for nearly 6 months now and working past the normal headaches that come with opening your first business, Lenox Coffee has become a beloved neighborhood spot for coffee in Central Harlem.

The shops quaint and cozy atmosphere proves just what the neighborhood needed since it can always be found full of locals and even passerby tourists sipping on their signature mochas or munching on some mid-afternoon sweet treats. Artwork from Harlem artists can be seen adorning the walls, which only furthers their growing sense of community attachment.

We caught up with owner Aaron Baird to see how business was holding up and for more insight into their Harlem story. Read More


Brazilian Coffee’s Rise To Respectability

By Michael Engle | February 16, 2012

Photo: CIFOR

Photo: CIFOR

Katy McLaughlin of The Wall Street Journal recently published a profile of Brazilian coffee, and its sudden rise to respectability.  Though Brazilian coffee has been produced and exported for a long time, it has always suffered from a reputation of lower quality. As a result, Brazilian coffee beans, for the most part, have been reserved for instant mixes. Brazil’s newly-found status as a coffee powerhouse, however, is not due to any particular magic bean or change in soil; instead, it can be attributed to different roasting techniques.

Compared to the traditionally more respected coffee-growing countries, e.g.: Colombia or Ethiopia, Brazil is much closer to sea level, as it is as low as 3,000 feet above sea level in some regions.  Therefore, dark-roasting techniques as practiced at Starbucks and Peet’s are ill-suited for Brazilian coffee beans.  Instead, it has been discovered that Brazilian coffees, in general, are better suited in espresso blends, which are more delicately roasted. Read More


Chai Makes Way For Coffee: India Embraces Starbucks

By admin | February 2, 2012


Photo: ELPhotographia

By: Saira Malhotra

Delhi, India: brutally hot in the summer and brutally cold in the winter. A city where meal, snack and dessert options adjust to reflect changes in a climatic backdrop, yet there remained one consistency- chai. An integral part of the day, chai represents not just the hot beverage steeped with tea leaves and spices, but also a homely setting with company allowing for moments to regroup and share happiness and sorrow.

Today, the fundamental elements of getting recharged and exchanging notes continue to be a required part of the day. However, the beverage and venue have changed. In just under a couple of decades, India has witnessed the rise of coffee houses, a trend off set by coffee lounge company ‘Cafe Coffee Day’. There are now thousands of inviting coffee shops all over the country with their own signature look and feel, offering Western snacks of biscotti and donuts as well as traditional Indian high tea snacks of pakoras and samosas. Read More


Seeing Red: The Best Cappuccino in Harlem

By admin | August 9, 2011


Today in Seeing Red, we’ll start our feature of Red Rooster employees with none-other than one of our best baristas, Ijenla Ifill. Ijenla is known for making some of, if not, the best cappuccinos in Harlem. Originally from Georgetown, Guyana, she first learned to make her coffee specialties when she arrived in New York City. She now works the morning shift at the Rooster and serves our customers during our Brunch hours. Her knowledge of coffee and teas, along with her warm smile, make her a crowd pleaser for those looking for just the right Brunch drink. Read More


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