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The Modern Pantry: NW Elixirs

By Ashley Beck | June 25, 2013


NW Elixirs founder and creator Chef Andrew Garrett is an award-winning chef who has a worldly passion for food and life . His travels have allowed him to become familiar with cooking with a wide range of ingredients and flavor profiles, which show through in his spicy elixirs. Growing up in Sonoma, California, Chef Andrew was introduced to the concept of local and healthful eating at a young age and therefore accepts nothing but the best for his “HOTT” sauces.

Another plus: His delectable sauces are never made with refined sugars or gums.

What that means? They don’t burn when heated in cooking. Instead, richer and bolder flavor is induced. Read More

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The Modern Pantry: Marshall’s Haute Sauce

By Ashley Beck | June 5, 2013

Sarah and her husband at the Farmer's Market


Sarah and her husband at the Farmer's Market

Sarah and her husband at the Farmer’s Market

“We bring sauce to the people” and man do they ever! With sauces like Habanero Carrot Curry, Red Chili Lime and Serrano Ginger Lemongrass this husband and wife team, located in Portland, Oregon, have created a sauce generation like no other. Inspired by her mother’s canning ways, Sarah has kept the tradition alive. These sauces are the perfect example of How To Eat Locally in the Winter or anytime for that matter. And it all started with the intent to bring the freshest ingredients together and pour them all over your favorite dishes. Read More


Leftovers: Plan Ahead for Easy, Money-Saving Meals

By mahir | May 17, 2011

Second-Day Meals of Leftovers

I’ve covered a lot of topics suggesting how to make the most of your leftovers. You can fold them into healthy salads, make great tasting tacos or sandwiches, and turn stale bread into a wealth of recipes.

While it’s great to make the most of unexpected dinner remains, sometimes, you need to prepare to even have leftovers to begin with. A great way to make sure you’re saving money and have enough food is to cook a bunch of different things at the beginning of the week. Here’s some ideas to get you started on Sunday so that you’re set for the rest of the week.  Read More


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