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Is Your Child the Next Great Chef?

By Marcus Samuelsson | May 22, 2013

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Don’t worry, I’m not trying to put pressure on you! I’m a firm believer that people find their own passions. In fact, my mother would be the first to say that being a chef was the last occupation she would’ve ever pushed me towards for the simple fact that she has never enjoyed cooking. But she also was very encouraging when it became clear that I loved being in the kitchen, even if it meant that I spent more time in her mother’s kitchen than in ours.  Read More

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How to Cook a Steak

By Christopher Stewart | May 16, 2013

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Everyone loves comfort food and also classic comfort foods. When you think of something that makes you happy, a warm smile should come over your face. And typically for me, a perfectly cooked steak brings on a smile. Whether your preferred cooking method is searing, broiling or grilling, a perfectly cooked steak is always the centerpiece of the table.  Read More

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VIDEO: Yes, Chef B-Sides

By Marcus Samuelsson | April 4, 2013

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MS Sign

With the paperback version of “Yes, Chef” coming out on May 21st, I’ve been thinking a lot about the book tour that took me all around the country. At the time I could barely think ahead more than one day as we plane’d, train’d and automobile’d back, forth and back again. But as we prep for Part II of the tour for the paperback version, it’s been fun to think about all the adventures I had with my team who was on the road with me. So much fun, in fact, we did a video about it. Check it out. Read More

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Friday Try-day: Everyone’s a Little Bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

By Ashley Beck | March 15, 2013


My brother’s birthday just so happens to also be St. Patrick’s Day. There isn’t a year that goes by where his cakes, parties, and gifts, are always green, Irish themed, and more often than not, a little out of hand. Despite my family obligation to celebrate this day every year, it seems to be that many people, Irish or not, birthday or not, take the opportunity to dress in green, eat pub fare, drink Guinness or whiskey or both, and celebrate the opportunity to really, well, celebrate. When it comes down to it, everyone seems to be a little bit Irish when March 17th rolls around. Read More

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Malaika: An Interview with Grammy-Award Winner Angélique Kidjo

By Jeannette Park | November 27, 2012

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Photo: Alexei Hay

Anyone who meets Angélique Kidjo quickly get a sense of this Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter’s tremendous journey, one that transported her from her native Benin and around the globe in a flurry of amazing music and inspiring activism. Although in the midst of recording a new album and writing her first book, Angélique was gracious enough to take the time to speak to us here at about her incredible story and even greater love of food and cooking.

Read More

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Close as Kin: The Art of Sharing Food and a Table

By Jeannette Park | July 10, 2012

Outdoor dinner in Austin

Outdoor dinner in Austin

Perusing through the pages of a Kinfolk Magazine will transport you to a rustic fairytale of endless summer picnics that taste of freshly bottled honey, warm bread with jam placed upon long wooden family tables that seat up to twenty of your closest hungry friends. Getting swept up in the tranquility of it all is easy, and is precisely what founder Nathan Williams had in mind when he and a group of friends developed their exquisitely designed communal gatherings. We were able to snag a few precious moments with Williams to further explore the manifesto behind Kinfolk and why, more than ever, sharing good food, time and laughter with friends and family is a necessary life fulfillment. Read More


Cluck n’ Fry: Celebrating Fried Chicken Day

By | July 6, 2012

Korean chicken wings

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Today is National Fried Chicken Day and a dish as quintessentially American as this one couldn’t come at a more perfect time–during the lazy days of summer. While every restaurant, chef or region puts their own spin on flavor and technique, the most satisfying of these fried birds have to be juicy, crunchy and full of tender texture. In celebration of this gastronomical holiday, why not fry up any of these recipes at home. Read More


The Art of “Taste It, Now Make It”: Recreating Family Dishes

By admin | March 6, 2012

Photo: Wayan Vota

Photo: Wayan Vota

By: Michael Engle

There are only a few aspects that are held constant in Gordon Ramsay’s television show Hell’s Kitchen from season to season.  Shortly before the red and blue teams combine to form the “black team” (or, according to certain alpha-minded individuals, the “everyone for him/herself team”), each remaining contestant takes Gordon’s blind taste test. In this challenge, each person is blindfolded, given noise-canceling headphones, and asked to identify four simple foods, such as Swiss cheese, hard-boiled egg yolk, or cilantro.

However, the most significant challenge–which, according to Gordon, separates the cooks from the chefs–is the “Taste It, Now Make It” challenge. Each aspect of the contestants’ replicas are dissected, from the consistencies of their sauces, to the proper temperature of the appropriate cut of meat, and even to the decision between the use of prosciutto or Serrano ham. If, instead of under the scrutinizing eyes of Gordon Ramsay and the FOX cameras, you seek to recreate dishes in your own home, there is no such thing as a mistake that can eliminate you from a $250,000 prize. Instead, as Alina Dizik writes for The Wall Street Journal, making the perfect recreation of an old dish–in the absence, or with the incompleteness or ambiguity, of a written recipe–can channel a satisfying sense of nostalgia, while providing an invaluable link to family traditions and history.

Even though certain factors, such as equipment and ingredients, may change, memories and legacies imparted by “my grandmother’s way” can be disrupted by the smallest variation. Read More


Appreciating The Arts of Cooking and Eating

By admin | March 2, 2012

Photo: Bruce Tuten

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Cooking is truly an art form. We all probably dreamed about being a chef at one point in time, but in reality it is only for the strong-passionate-hearted type. The beauty of appreciating this ever-developing art form is that an endless supply of restaurants ensure the tip of our mouth is always watering.

Walking into a restaurant and sitting at the back right beside the chefs really is an experience in itself. You not only hear and see the chef at work but you are swept away in disbelief as to truly how much time and energy is put into each dish. It amazes anyone, of course myself included, at the sheer brilliance of watching a chef masterfully create some of the most extravagant dishes.

But when there is a lack of respect for the chef or the food, what if the chef had the right to kick you out? This was the thinking of Sushi King, Kazunori Nozawa of Sushi Nozawa. Read More


Traditional Vs Modern Cooking: Distinctly Different or Two Peas in a Pod?

By Saira Malhotra | December 1, 2011

Photo: Cyndi Amaya

Photo: Cyndi Amaya

The International Culinary Center recently hosted a 6 panel discussion regarding food, technology and art. With the likes of chefs, such as Ferran Adria of El Bulli and Rene Redzepi of NOMA, molecular gastronomy has been getting a lot of ink and opinions are divided. Some consider this the food of hocus pocus, while others view it in light of a culinary evolution and a necessary development.

Read More


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