Deviled Eggs that Ditch the Cholesterol

By Carla F. Williams | April 1, 2013

Photo: pietroizzo
Photo: pietroizzo

Photo: pietroizzo

For as long as I can remember, deviled eggs have been one of my absolute favorite foods. Maybe it’s my Southern roots. I still remember sitting on the beach as a little girl, watching anxiously as my mom pulled the rectangular plastic container of delectable deviled eggs out of the bright red ice chest. Cholesterol wasn’t in the dietary vocabulary then and I just LOVED deviled eggs! Now I know the challenges with munching on too many pieces as a snack. The whites are jammed with lean protein but the yolks come with a little too much cholesterol for snack status. Add the salt from typical jarred mustard and the sprinkled-in salt, along with fat from standard mayo and all of a sudden you can’t munch on those creamy deviled eggs quite as freely as you might like. Read More


Candy Rush is Not Just For Easter

By Jeannette | April 6, 2012

Candy wall - Allana

By: Allana Mortell

With all this talk of Easter candy, it’s often hard to find any talk about something other than Hershey Kisses and chocolate bunnies. With the recent rise of artisanal treats, it ‘s great to find something like a candy shop that can offer up goods besides the generic plastic wrapped candy found at the counter of a convenience store. Enter: “The Candy Rush”, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

For me, the mark of a successful business is not just producing great products but about providing a one-of-a-kind experience to customers. The folks behind The Candy Rush delivered on every possible level. From the customer service to the decor and pure sugar overload (in a good way), I left feeling happy and excited to plan my next trip back!

The Candy Rush opened last summer with much acclaimed praise from residents of Crown Heights as well as Prospect Heights. Walking into the shop, you truly feel transported back to your childhood, a feeling I’m sure the owners wanted to evoke for their loyal customers. Immediately, your eyes are drawn to the left wall where from floor to ceiling are seven rows of … you guessed it, candy! Read More


Celebrate Easter at Red Rooster and Ginny’s

By mahir | April 5, 2012

Only God Knows

What a more ideal way to celebrate Easter than with a very special Sunday Brunch? And there’s no better place to enjoy it than in what has become one of New York’s premier brunch spot - Red Rooster Harlem! Join us for our festive Easter celebration as we usher in springtime with veteran Gospel singer Boncella Lewis to pay tribute to music, food, and spirituality.

Sunday, April 8th, tantalize your taste buds with Red Rooster’s Brunch classics, like the Lenox Smorga¥sborg ($20), Lamb & Potato Hash ($20), Biscuit & Red Eye Gravy ($16) and our now famous Fried Yard Bird ($22). Reservations are not accepted, so, grab a seat at the bar, sip on of our signature cocktails and enjoy the uplifting music until your name is called.

This year, in addition to Red Rooster Harlem’s Sunday Brunch, our new supper club Ginny’s, will also be open on this joyous occasion.  Read More


5 Health Benefits To Eating Dark Chocolate

By Melania Gasbarrino | March 28, 2012

Photo: Lee McCoy

Photo: Lee McCoy

With Easter just around the corner I’m sure many children are wondering if the Easter Bunny will be hopping into their houses with a nice big bag full of chocolate. Since we all want to eat a little bit healthier, during this Easter season (and may I add that it’s soon bikini season, so for those of you who really want to get fit this spring you’ll take a liking to these benefits) we are going to show you the ins and outs of the nutritional benefits to eating dark chocolate. Read More


Grilled Bass Recipe

By mahir | April 22, 2011

The New American Table

One of the advantages of a late Easter is the better chance of great outdoor weather. Late-April warmth means you can break out the grill and head outside to make this Grilled Bass Recipe for Good Friday. Read More


Easter Around The World

By mahir | April 22, 2011

Photo: RichardBH on flickr

Photo: RichardBH on flickr

By Julia Burgi

Easter, technically, is the Christian holiday celebrating the rebirth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It has been around for thousands of years and coincides with the rebirth of life in the Northern hemisphere, spring! This holiday is not only religious, but a time of cultural celebration as well. Every country, even region, has its own Easter traditions! Read More


Switching To Non-Dairy Milks

By mahir | March 23, 2011

Vegetarian Column By Marcus Samuelsson

For the lactose-intolerant or vegan, non-dairy milks have long been the go-to additive to coffee or cooking. If you’re curious about switching from cow’s milk to a non-dairy milk, the options can be daunting. Read More


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