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It’s Tea Time Somewhere: A Look Into Tea Cultures

By Emma Laperruque | July 5, 2012


Photo: Jeremy Keith

According to Chinese legend, Emperor Chen-nung invented tea in 2374 BC–by accident. One summer day, he decided to relax beneath a shrub tree and place a bowl of boiling water beside him. Soon after, a soft breeze blew a few shrub leaves into the bowl, where they began to steep. After smelling the delicate aroma, Emperor Chen-nung tasted the infusion, and thus, tea was born.

Though the story remains up for debate, no one argues that the shrub Emperor Chen-nung sat under (the Camellia sinensis, or tea, tree) hails from China, nor that the country was the first to brew the drink. The popular modern method of infusion developed gradually, becoming prevalent by the Ming dynasty when drinking tea started to take on symbolic qualities. It began to signify more than a beverage, but a ritual, too, representing discipline and beauty. Read More


What Real ‘Brits’ Eat: A Conversation with Chef Jason Hicks of Jones Wood Foundry

By admin | February 28, 2012

Jason Hicks

By: Saira Malhotra

Tucked away in the historic neighborhood of Jones Wood, on the Upper East Side, lies a humble and slightly recessed food driven pub; Jones Wood Foundry. This city has had its fair share of British and Irish pubs, but what many Brit expats will attest to is the feeling of home they get from their pint of Fullers and bangers and mash here at Jones Wood Foundry.

The pub culture is a way of life for Brits. Many recognize that there are few problems in life that comfort food, drink and straight forward British ‘talk ‘can’t provide relief for. The place is charming and quaint with its warm lighting and mahogany accents, yet, there is an element of wit, be it the restrooms or the hand-picked art work. The food is understated and simple yet there is mastery behind it; your very palate will tell you so. Read More


An American Foodie in London: Mushy Peas and Early Drinking

By admin | January 12, 2012

Photo: avlxyz

Photo: avlxyz

By: Dylan Rodgers

For Christmas 2011, I went British for a week. Great Britain-the birthplace super broccoli and the people who would eventually lay the foundation for our country seemed so familiar and yet so inherently different at the same time.

To start, I sat in the front passenger seat of our cab disoriented and tense with oncoming traffic passing to the car’s right. Throughout my week in London, I never really grew comfortable with the backwards nature of traffic. Even while walking, the pedestrians want to pass you to your right, something that can lead to plenty of awkward dances with confused locals. Read More


The Royal Wedding Cake

By mahir | April 4, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton

When Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot, their guests will feast on a lavish spread fashioned by the Buckingham Palace kitchen. From canapes and champagne to a beautiful cake, the Royal Wedding will show-off the best of British food. Read More


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