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By Alexandra Fleischman | June 10, 2013

asparagus, news, blood pressure
asparagus, news, blood pressure

Photo: Calliope

Family and cooking go hand in hand, and family recipes can stay with us our whole lives. But, most of us can’t claim our family invented the reuben.

What would the world do without cheese, corn flakes, popsicles, and chocolate chip cookies?

We love strawberries and their incredible versatility, especially when they’re in season.  Bon Appétit delineates the many varieties.

New research might make asparagus the new superfood. According to NPR’s The Salt, a compound in asparagus lowered blood pressure in rats. Time to change your dinner plans? Read More

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Q&A: Chef Alfred Green

By Christopher Stewart | February 28, 2013

Chef 3

As the food industry continues to push out amazing chefs, and Black History month comes to a close, we must not forget the chefs that came before us. I am lucky enough to have a chef of my own to celebrate with. Alfred Green is a retired chef, that has worked in numerous highly praised hotels through out New York City. I sat down with Chef Green, to talk with him about the industry, what he thinks of the evolution of cooking, and what he thinks about the new school of chefs in the industry right now. I was lucky and also privileged  to get this interview, since Chef Alfred Green happens to be my grandfather.
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Renowned Harlem Week Begins This Weekend

By Allana Mortell | July 25, 2012

Photo: Monika Sziladi

Photo: Monika Sziladi

This coming Saturday, July 28th kicks off a month-long celebration of all things Harlem. Since 1974, millions have flocked to 125th street and beyond to commemorate the past, present and future of the historical Harlem neighborhood we call home. What started as “Harlem Day,” turned into Harlem Week and eventually Harlem Month. Now in its 38th year, people of all ages are invited to take part in over 100 different events over the span of four weeks. Whether arts & crafts are your thing or free concerts, food, jazz festivals and even gospel choirs, Harlem Week has it all and we couldn’t be more excited to participate. Read More


The Art of “Taste It, Now Make It”: Recreating Family Dishes

By admin | March 6, 2012

Photo: Wayan Vota

Photo: Wayan Vota

By: Michael Engle

There are only a few aspects that are held constant in Gordon Ramsay’s television show Hell’s Kitchen from season to season.  Shortly before the red and blue teams combine to form the “black team” (or, according to certain alpha-minded individuals, the “everyone for him/herself team”), each remaining contestant takes Gordon’s blind taste test. In this challenge, each person is blindfolded, given noise-canceling headphones, and asked to identify four simple foods, such as Swiss cheese, hard-boiled egg yolk, or cilantro.

However, the most significant challenge–which, according to Gordon, separates the cooks from the chefs–is the “Taste It, Now Make It” challenge. Each aspect of the contestants’ replicas are dissected, from the consistencies of their sauces, to the proper temperature of the appropriate cut of meat, and even to the decision between the use of prosciutto or Serrano ham. If, instead of under the scrutinizing eyes of Gordon Ramsay and the FOX cameras, you seek to recreate dishes in your own home, there is no such thing as a mistake that can eliminate you from a $250,000 prize. Instead, as Alina Dizik writes for The Wall Street Journal, making the perfect recreation of an old dish–in the absence, or with the incompleteness or ambiguity, of a written recipe–can channel a satisfying sense of nostalgia, while providing an invaluable link to family traditions and history.

Even though certain factors, such as equipment and ingredients, may change, memories and legacies imparted by “my grandmother’s way” can be disrupted by the smallest variation. Read More


How to Keep and Start Holiday Family Traditions

By admin | December 19, 2011

Photo: Buzz Bishop

Photo: Buzz Bishop

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

Remember those days of walking into the kitchen and seeing your parents and grandparents cooking up a storm. All those glorious smells floating in the air, the endless hours in the kitchen, the way you would attempt to help by setting the table or putting the icing on the cake? Those colossal meals your grandparents used to cook now seem hard to create with busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, but there is a whole lot of hope in keeping holiday traditions going. Here are a few tips on how to keep your family traditions alive or even start some new ones of your own. Read More


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