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GrubHub Scores $50 Million Dollar Deal

By admin | September 23, 2011

Photo: Mykl Roventine

Photo: Mykl Roventine

The best ideas always seem to pop up all while enjoying a drink or two. For Mike Evans and Matt Maloney, their ‘ah-ha’ moment came 7 years ago while attempting to solve the problem as to how people can easily order food online. Within days the two developed, a tool that enables you to type in your address and locate where the best nearest restaurant that will deliver directly to your door. Now 7 years and a couple hundred employees later, the 13-city team is ready to expand into the college scene. Read More


When Food and Technology Meet

By admin | September 21, 2011

taking a photo to share

It’s amazing to think how far technology has advanced and has changed the way we live and go about our daily routines. It has infiltrated every industry and the food industry is no exception. Although cooking and preparing food is a very primitive action, technology continues to improve and change how we cook our food, with “molecular gastronomy” or modern cooking techniques as a great example.

Through technology and social networking I’m able to keep in constant contact with you and share not only my recipes but also news and events that I’m currently involved in. That’s why I was glad to contribute on Food + Tech Connect recently on how technology has helped the food industry. Read More


Kids Get A Taste of Space Food

By admin | September 16, 2011

Photo: Nika

Photo: Nika

By: Melaina Gasbarrino

When you think of space you most likely think of interesting concoctions that are able to withstand the conditions of high altitude and zero gravity, you don’t really think of what NASA is going to do with all that leftover space food. With the termination of the Space Shuttle Program back in July, NASA had to find a new, innovative way to dispose of the many dishes set to take flight in space. Thus came the realization that the public should be able to experience the food that was sent up to space. Read More


Four Food Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

By admin | July 8, 2011


It can be tough to keep track of all the food-related blogs, news outlets, and websites out there to get your daily fix. So why not have food news delivered to your inbox for easy access on the go? Here are four great food newsletters you definitely should check out. Read More


Food and Technology: Apples’ iCloud, OSX Lion, and iOS5

By mahir | June 10, 2011

Photo: inUse Consulting on flickr

Photo: inUse Consulting on flickr

By Liz McCarthy

Food and technology have become increasingly intertwined as blogs, apps, and social media make it easier and easier to share recipes, your favorite restaurants, artisan food producers, and photos of your culinary creations. This week at their annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple announced some new features they’re adding to their lineup that could make some foodies (and techies) very excited.  Read More


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