The Olympian’s Plate

By Carla F. Williams | August 2, 2012

Photo: jcoterhals

Photo: jcoterhals

My culinary curiosity kicked in the other night as I watched the hyper-competitive swimmers jettison through the water with the grace of dolphin-sharks. How do these uber athletes fuel their bodies to be able to consistently sustain this level of physical output? Might there actually be such a thing as a Breakfast of Champions? I did some digging and just as I suspected, there is no magic meal that can turn us mere mortals into athletic forces to contend with. My peek behind the curtain did turn up some interesting info that makes the Games that much more interesting. Who knows, it might possibly help you improve your own athletic prowess a bit. Read More


10 Foods that Drive Weight Gain and Loss

By admin | June 29, 2011


It should come as no surprise that to stay healthy you should choose a regiment of good diet and exercise. Avoid foods like potato chips and heavily sugared beverages that cause weight gain and eat lots of foods like fresh vegetables and fruit to help aid in weight loss. However, if you’re the type of person to put off good eating or exercise until the next week (or month!) you could be doing your body more harm in the long run. Read More


Eat Healthily by Cooking with Every Color

By admin | June 28, 2011

So many colors are in season during summer - eat the rainbow!

So many colors are in season during summer - eat the rainbow!

Making healthy dishes more interesting and eye-pleasing is a surefire way to ensure that we will not only eat food that is good for us, but that we enjoy it wholeheartedly too! Foods with deep hues have a lot of nutrients, from dark green kale leaves to sunny orange slices. Eating a bit of the rainbow makes for a delicious and healthy lunch or dinner, check out our guide below! Read More


Healthy Snacks for a Summer Road Trip

By admin | June 23, 2011

Ensure maximum road trip enjoyment with plan-ahead snacks

Ensure maximum road trip enjoyment with plan-ahead snacks

Even if you’ve planned your road trip around food, you will undoubtedly get hungry between stops. On the highway, you’ll see many rest stops with fast food outlets. These might seem like an easy way to stop and get a quick lunch.

But, if you pack your own food, you can keep up a healthy lifestyle even when you’re on a long road trip.  By bringing planned snacks, you will be able to stay on the road, stay away from unhealthy food at rest stops, and still enjoy yourself! Check out these ideas for healthy road trip snacks. Read More


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Photo by Sudhamshu Sauces & Rubs

By Marcus Samuelsson


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Whether it’s finding the best goat tacos in LA, spotting a well-worn vintage bag in Sweden, or interviewing the “crab man” selling seafood on a corner in Harlem, we tell stories seen from Chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s point of view. strives to create conversations about food, nutrition, culture, art, and design. We want to find Read More


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