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By | October 14, 2010

Canned sardines often get a bum wrap.

Think of how many times you’ve purchased a can of sardines, but never ate them. The can sits in the back of one of your kitchen cabinets. And how many times have you opened that cabinet looking for something to eat, and closed it, without giving the sardine a second thought?

When you stock up on hurricane supplies, including non-perishable food, you might throw a few cans in your shopping cart, just in case. Or, sardines might only come to mind when you’re describing an overcrowded subway car, “We were packed like sardines!”

Actually, I’m guilty of all the above. It took me some time to embrace the sardine. I eventually learned the modest, sustainable sardine, a tiny fish of the sea, is tasty and  packs a humongous nutrition punch.

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Recipe: Garlic-Glazed Trout with Apple-Potato Salad

By admin | September 29, 2010

These last few days have been uber busy – it’s always gets like this as summer winds down. It can be hard, even for me, to find a way to eat good food on a weeknight without resorting to going out or ordering in. My recipe for Garlic-Glazed Trout with Apple-Potato Salad is a super simple, super elegant meal you can make any night of  the week. A great way to impress your loved ones on a Wednesday, when they least expect it!

Garlic-Glazed Trout with Apple-Potato Salad Recipe

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