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By Alexandra Fleischman | June 28, 2013

photo: sheridesabeemer
photo: sheridesabeemer

Photo: sheridesabeemer

The days are getting shorter now, so we’re making it last and keeping it fresh, from preserving our guacamole’s green hue to brightening up the air (with tea bags!). For making the most the time left, adventures are in order, although for staying happy we suggest keeping the sublock handy. (Tip: everything’s more exciting when it involves a motorcycle, picnics included.) Even the greens in the grocery store need their appropriate amount of time in the sun. On the other hand, a new addition to our Modern Pantry, NW Elixirs, can take as much heat as they like: without refined sugars and gums, they don’t burn during cooking. Read More

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How To Keep Guacamole Green

By Christopher Stewart | June 26, 2013

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Guacamole is one of those crowd favorites, that if it’s there, that is the first thing your guest are going to go for. Whether it’s a traditional recipe or you have added a personal touch to it, like grilled corn, guacamole is always wanted at a party. The creamy vibrant colors of a freshly prepared bowl of guacamole are great to look at but even better to eat. Avocados, like other fruits, when sliced begin to turn brown due to being exposed to oxygen, which is called oxidation. In a matter of hours your amazingly vibrant guacamole can become a unattractive mess. There are 2 simple ways that you can keep your guacamole green and vibrant, the next time company comes over, and one way starts with the avocado itself. So how do you keep your guacamole bright green?  Read More

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Best Foods for the Best Practice: A Conversation with Land Yoga

By Jeannette Park | June 15, 2012

Headstand Pose

There’s no escaping it now. Summer is officially around the corner and there’s still time to get into fighting shape by Independence Day. But before you think you need to literally hit the pavement running to drop a few extra pounds, consider something a little less stressful on the body and a whole lot better for your chi—yoga.

More than just a fleeting trend, yoga was founded on the aim to use meditation to attain salvation but the byproduct of practicing yoga isn’t too bad, either. Leaner arms and a toned core can happen after just a few weeks of holding a Warrior Two and repeated chatarungas. Maya Haile (AKA Mrs. Samuelsson) maintains an avid yoga practice and we can vouch for her flexibility and composure (there were a lot of held poses at the Vogue shoot for Yes, Chef).

There’s not much talk about what you should eat before and after a yoga session, but we got Lara Land of Harlem’s Land Yoga to break down the best foods to make for your very best practice.  Read More


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