How to Infuse Your Own Liquor

By Cyndi Amaya | May 24, 2012

Infused Aquavit

House-infused liquors are all the rage now and can be seen in restaurants and bars everywhere. Even Red Rooster Harlem and Ginny’s Supper Club have their own house-infused spirits that are widely used in our house favorite cocktails. From dill-infused vodka to fig-infused bourbon, liquor infusion is becoming a tradition in its own right at Red Rooster. Although it’s becoming more popular now, alcohol infusion dates back centuries and is ingrained in some cultures, like the process of making Aquavit in Sweden.

While house-infused liquors can sound like a mystical and highly technical practice, it’s quite the opposite and in fact is as simple a process as it can get.  Read More


Eating on the Lower East Side

By Ashley Bode | May 24, 2012

Photo: Payton Chung

Photo: Payton Chung

While Harlem has some great advantages, there is a different, yet slightly similar appeal to another neighborhood with an equally rich cultural background; the Lower East Side.

LES does not always have the prettiest streets, the most convenient of bus routes or the glitz and glam of some other neighborhoods, but what it lacks in those departments it makes up for in authenticity, grittiness and character. During the day it is like any other neighborhood; bodegas are on every corner with the community cat taking perch, sandwich shops serve up lunch and boutiques sell the best commodities they have to offer. At night, the neighborhood’s lights attract New Yorkers away from their homes and to the vibrant scene that gives this town the nickname, The City that Never Sleeps.

This is an old neighborhood, one with residents that have never left, stores that have stayed open for decades and a deli that has been in business since 1888. It was once a farm, then a tenement neighborhood, then a working-class Jewish community that now shares the streets with Latinos, Chinese, Bangladeshis, Japanese, Ukranians and countless other immigrants.This was once called Little Germany, Corlears Hook and Crown Point. Now its comprised of the East Village, NoLIta, Chinatown, Alphabet City, Bowery and Little Italy. This is the neighborhood of immigrants, the history of America.

Any history buff would find days worth of exploring in this part of town, the Tenement Museum on Delancey and Orchard offers a wonderful series of walking tours, but truly the best love affair to have with this neighborhood is found in restaurants. There is no other part of the city that showcases such a wide selection of food in a radius of this size. Read More


Where To Eat in Austin

By admin | April 26, 2012

Photo:  Liang Shi

Photo: Liang Shi

We’re excited for the first-ever Austin Wine & Food festival this weekend! And to commemorate, we’re shining some light on the awesome Austin food scene. With the help of some Austin natives, we’ve put together a list some of the best food spots to hit while you’re in Austin. So if you’re heading over to Austin, Texas for the Fest, be sure to sneak off for a moment and try some of these local hot spots. Read More


The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Iced Tea, Part I

By admin | April 26, 2012

Photo: drp

Photo: drp

By: Cyndi Amaya

With the warm weather approaching, many of us flock to our all-time favorite cold beverage- iced tea! But with all the sugar-laden powders and bottled iced teas out there, the iced tea we all know and love has turned into the latest unhealthy soft drink. If you read the label of these so-called “teas”, you may notice everything but actual tea leaves in it. From artificial sugars and preservatives to “fruit and tea essences,” the dangers of drinking these can actually outweigh the benefits.

When brewed properly, tea is actually one of the healthiest beverages you can drink since its rich in antioxidants called flavonoids. These are most potent when tea is freshly brewed and can ward off against the aging effects of pollution and help prevent cancer in the body. Those are only a couple benefits, even more include reducing your risk of health disease, building stronger bones and teeth, boosting your immunity and your metabolism to help you maintain a healthy weight. Plus, tea has less caffeine than coffee but can still help to keep you awake.

All that info is great, but you might be asking, how do I make my own iced tea? Making your own perfect iced tea is not as complicated as it may seem, yet not as simple as dipping a tea bag into a cup of iced water. The key to a perfectly brewed cup of tea is in the extraction. Read More


Food52 To The Holiday Rescue

By admin | December 14, 2011

iPad Music Pro

Panicking about holiday cooking already? Not to worry, the trustworthy all-things-food website, Food52 is here to help with their new iPad App, Food52 Holiday Recipe and Survival Guide, just in time to help you prepare for those hectic holiday meals ahead. With everything from recipes from the Food52 home cook community to videos and step-by-step guides of important holiday techniques. Not only is the App about the food, it also offers helpful tips on entertaining, prepping, and shopping, as well. Read More


To Box or Not to Box€¦ Wine, That Is

By admin | August 4, 2011

Photo: Jon Fife

Photo: Jon Fife

The only thing a “Modern Smug” fears more than people who still eat pizza with their hands or don’t cook with pink Himalayan salt yet, is box wine.  Box wine represents a 180 degree shift from the sexy shaped bottles, the wonderful glug, glug, glug sound of the stemmed chalice as it is filled with liquid-party, and the endless inexperienced waiters who struggle to coax out that stubborn cork only to leave bits of wood floating in your drink.  Bottled wine’s forgotten cousin is a bit square, but there is no doubt of its growing popularity amongst all classes of people. Read More


6 Summer Street Snacks

By admin | August 3, 2011

Photo: Lauren Mitchell

Photo: Lauren Mitchell


There maybe only be a few weeks left in the summer, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some of the wonderful summer snacks. Whether you grab them at a street fair or just find a great vendor, here’s a small selection of six summer street snacks sure to satisfy several senses. Try to say that five times fast! Read More


Grant’s Tomb: A History of Revolution in Architecture

By admin | August 1, 2011

Photo: Mark Garbowski

Photo: Mark Garbowski

By Dylan Rodgers

In honor of Harlem Week, we’re going to feature a daily series on the most historical sites in Harlem. Each day we’ll introduce a different site to visit when you’re in Harlem. Each place we pick has helped in some way to build to the heritage and culture of Harlem. Today’s historical site is Grant’s Tomb.

Located on the northern end of Harlem, New York’s Riverside State Park, this massive monument of marble stands reminding us of the cultural revolutions of the past.   Read More


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