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How to Build an Ethnic Pantry: Latin American

By Justin Chan | June 8, 2012

Photo: Julien H

Photo: Julien H


To celebrate the many different types of cuisines around the world, we’ve created a mini-series, “How to Build an Ethnic Pantry,” that offers some advice on the kinds of ingredients every cook should have when they make a particular cultural dish. We also asked grocery store owners and chefs for suggestions and what they think makes their food unique. Check out what ingredients fill Latin American kitchens throughout the world…

Interested in making Latin American cuisine but don’t know what ingredients you need?

Don’t worry! The folks at Mi Tierra Supermarket in Jackson Heights were kind enough to share some knowledge this week. Located on 85th Street and Roosevelt Avenue as well as on Northern Blvd and 81st Street, Mi Tierra is the hub of Latin American grocery shopping. The market spans half of a block and caters to a predominately Mexican customer base. But all other Latin Americans also visit the store regularly and navigate through the long line of shelves in order to get the products they need to whip up a tasty traditional dish.

Ericka Ramirez and Jackie Hernandez, sales counter associates at Mi Tierra, offered some insight into what every aspiring Latin-American-loving chef should have in his or her pantry Read More


Ingredient Focus : Lingonberries

By Marcus Samuelsson | June 1, 2012

Photo: Visit Sørlandet

Photo: Visit Sørlandet

If there’s one thing us Swedes are known for, it’s our lingonberries. Lingonberries to us are like blueberries to Americans; we use it in desserts, drink it as juice and spread it as preserves on almost anything we can get our hands on. I remember first trying lingonberries at my grandmother’s house in Sweden and falling in love with their tart yet sweet flavor.

These small, red distant cousin of cranberries are perhaps one of the most important forest berries found in Scandinavia. The leaves are much darker than most with a waxy texture which grows red, tart and juicy lingonberries. We consider lingonberries invaluable because they could be preserved for months by simply being placed in a jar with water. The fact that the natural preservatives in the berries could stay sustainable for days, weeks and even months is proof of the benefits they can also add to our health. Read More


What To Eat Now : Miner’s Lettuce

By Marcus Samuelsson | April 24, 2012

Photo:  Dawn Endico

Photo: Dawn Endico

These days, we’re all green with envy over the different ways to spice up your vegetable routine. Gone are the days of watery iceberg lettuce and plain romaine hearts–who needs those when you’ve got peppery arugula at the local market and spinach leaves to plant in your garden?

With everyone “going green,” we want to introduce you to one of our favorite ingredients right now: miner’s lettuce. We’re so excited about miner’s lettuce that it’s even in one of Red Rooster’s new spring dishes, the Grilled Pork Loin. Named after the California gold rush in the 1850s, the gold miners ate this abundant plant that prevented scurvy, an illness caused by a vitamin C deficiency. Read More


Ingredient Spotlight: Fresh Oregano

By admin | August 17, 2011


By: Marnely Rodriguez

She starts every meal by sauteing fresh Oregano in olive oil. Every lunch, every dinner; whether it’s chicken breast or eggplant parmesan, you’ll know my Mother is cooking when the smell of Oregano fills the air. A staple of Caribbean cuisine, where it grows in backyards and farms of Dominican Republic, Oregano is an aromatic herb that infuses your meals with great flavor. Read More


An Introduction to Food Buzz Words

By admin | July 11, 2011

Photo: cwwycoff1 on flickr

Photo: cwwycoff1 on flickr

In today’s culinary world, a lot of buzzwords get thrown around at super markets and on menus. Classifications like farm-fresh, organic, farm-to-table, and free-range sound appealing, but what do they really mean? Here’s an introduction to some of these terms to help you navigate food jargon. Read More


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