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Happy Hour: Green Juice Cocktails

By Ashley Beck | May 1, 2013

photo by: roboppy
photo by: roboppy

Photo: roboppy

With the juice trend sky rocketing, it was only a matter of time before green juice found its way into our cocktails.  But honestly what could be better than combining your after work wind down with a refreshing companion that’s actually good for you. There is something about the mix of the two that seems just the right amount of wrong. It could be that it makes you feel less guilty to have that second cocktail. It could be the contrast of healthy vs. vice. It could even be that they cancel each other out. We’re not exactly sure and yet that’s precisely why it is the perfect union. Read More


Best Juice Combinations for a Healthier You

By Allana Mortell | April 19, 2012

Photo: Food Thinkers

In the foodie world, juicing has quickly become the newest healthy habit around. Juice cleanses and juice bars are popping up everywhere faster than cupcakes shops and food trucks. The biggest positive from juicing comes from the fact you’re consuming optimal amounts of vegetables and nutrients in an efficient, straw-driven manner.

The Cancer Institute of America suggests we all have five servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit every day.  With that said, given our busy lifestyles and the whole “fast-food” nation epidemic, it’s becoming more and more difficult to consume the proper amount of healthy nutrients every single day.

Once upon a time, smoothies had their big “moment,” and while the fruit-driven drinks are nevertheless a healthy option, the prevalence of juice bars and “green” drinks are momentarily outshining their fruity fro-yo counterparts.

Juicing, especially with organic, fresh and local ingredients, allows you to absorb all the possible nutrients vegetables have to offer. Read More


What To Put in Your Juices: Top 6 Juicing Ingredients

By admin | January 23, 2012

Photo: Food Thinkers

Photo: Food Thinkers

By: Michele Wolfson

When it comes to juicing- I’m hooked. If I don’t have a fresh juice in the morning, I feel somewhat deprived. As hooked as I may be, finding new and interesting ingredients can be difficult to come up with. So we went to the experts in search for which ingredients would be not only creative, but would bring the most nutritional value per juice.

The eatery Uptown Veg in Harlem has a juice bar with many different concoctions to select. I asked the juicer named Drew to tell me what juicing ingredients are the most nutritious to add to my drink. He suggested ginger and celery stating, “Celery is a must-have in all juices.” I asked Drew about beets and he said that they are great to add to juices because they are one of the most powerful vegetables available.

Vegetable and fruit juices are well suited for our fast moving lifestyles because it makes it possible for all of us busy people to add more healing foods into our diets with minimal effort. Below is a list of the top 6 juicing ingredients that pack a nutritional punch and should be included in any juice that you create.

Also, be sure to check out our list of 5 Healthy Root Vegetables and try using some of those in your juices as well! Read More


The Health Benefits of Juice Feasting

By admin | January 16, 2012



I am currently on day 2 of a fabulous Juice Feast! This is my 5th juice feast. In the past I’ve done anywhere from 3 to 65 days on juice and the results are always amazing!

This is termed a ‘feast’ rather than ‘fast’ because one gets all the calories one would normally get in a day (i.e. 1500 for an average woman) – from at least 4 liters/1 gallon of fresh juice, daily (green vegetable juices, fruit juices and coconut water all included). Often when people fast they take in very small amounts of liquid/calories, the metabolism slows, their energy slumps, and they may feel quite ‘dysfunctional’. Juice Feasting works differently, supporting the feaster to be very functional in daily life and meeting all calorie needs, while experiencing massive cleansing on a cellular level. -source

There are so many reasons why juicing is so beneficial, here are just a few Read More


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