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Curbing Climate Change

By mahir | January 31, 2011

Meatless Monday with Katie Cizewski

A recent study at the University of Chicago compared two things: the environmental impact of swapping every vehicle in the country for ultra-efficient hybrid cars, and the environmental impact of reducing meat consumption by 20 percent. Which do you think had a greater impact? Read More


Vegetarian Christmas Dishes from Around the World

By mahir | December 13, 2010


Meatless Monday with Katie Cizewski

When it comes to the Christmas meal, there are two camps: tradition-lovers and those like me to whom the Christmas meal looks a little stale.  If you’re thinking of starting a new tradition this year for your Christmas meal and don’t know how to finesse the yuletide feast into an impressive, family-convincing meal, I have compiled a vegetarian menu full of traditional Christmas dishes from around the world to help you. Read More


Are Vegetarians Happier? – Meatless Monday With Katie

By mahir | November 29, 2010

“One day a week cut out the meat.” Sound familiar? It’s the byline for the non-profit initiative behind the Meatless Monday movement. Their (and our) goal is to reduce meat consumption by fifteen percent – that’s one day out of seven – and in doing so, to improve the health of the planet and the health of everyone that does their part on Monday. Read More


Chocolate Grows on Trees – Hot Coconut Chocolate Recipe – Meatless Monday with Katie Cizewski

By mahir | November 8, 2010

chocolate dessert

Who says that money doesn’t grow on trees? Well, it doesn’t today. But it used to. Many centuries ago the beans from the pods of cacao trees were used as currency by the Aztecs. According to historians, a turkey cost one hundred cacao beans but an avocado only cost three. That being the case, you were sure to find at least one cacao tree in the backyard of every Aztec home.

Today, cacao beans are put through an arduous, multi-step process to create cocoa liquor which is Read More


New York’s Greenmarkets – Meatless Monday with Katie Cizewski

By mahir | October 18, 2010

Making the choice to give up meat on Mondays is one thing – maybe you will decide to order a veggie burger instead of a beef burger or you’ll have the gnocchi in leu of the steak frites – but taking the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate a vegetarian meal is what Meatless Monday is really all about, or at least, what it should be about.  Eating vegetarian is good for the environment and good for your body.  So why not make it good for your taste buds as well?

The first requirement for making a great meal is having great ingredients to cook with.  And what makes an ingredient great?  For the vegetarian grocery list the answer is simple.  Look for vegetables that are fresh, local, and organic.  And where will you have the best luck finding the best vegetables?  Another simple answer.  There are currently over fifty active greenmarkets in the five boroughs of New York City with over eighty producers.  What that means is that there are more fresh, local, and organic vegetables out there than you can probably prepare on every Monday for the rest of the year.  That’s good news for the Meatless Monday crowd.

Read More


Meatless Monday – Vegan Dessert Recipe with Katie Cizewski

By mahir | October 11, 2010

Going meatless on Monday is a great way to help the environment while staying happy and healthy. But maybe you’d like to take the Meatless Monday movement a step farther. If so, have you ever tried going vegan? I was a vegan for a couple of years back in high school and I loved it – all except for two minor issues, those issues being pizza and dessert. Vegans don’t eat animals or animal by-products. That means no meat, no milk, no eggs, no honey, and no gelatin to name the biggest offenders. What that translated to for me was no greasy New York pizza and no pastries, puddings, cakes, or ice creams. While I still have not discovered a good substitute for pizza – you just can’t get that greasy goodness with soy cheese – I have found a great deal of vegan desserts that not only replace their non-vegan counterparts but some even surpass them in flavor and texture. And thank goodness because no one need go without dessert!

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It Wouldn’t Be Fall Without Pumpkins – Meatless Monday with Katie Cizewski

By mahir | September 27, 2010

What marks the beginning of fall? Is it the passing of Labor Day weekend? Is it the fall equinox? Is it the yellow and orange leaves falling from the trees in the park? Nope. It’s the appearance of pumpkins in all of the green markets, supermarkets and delis. Well, to be honest, maybe the beginning of fall can be marked by all of these things but this post to welcome in the new season is all about pumpkins so we’ll stick with that.

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