Marcus Pop Food: Food in Ft. Worth, Texas

By admin | June 30, 2011

With Chef Tim Love and team in Texas

With Chef Tim Love's Team in Texas

Learning more about regional differences in American food is one of my favorite reasons to travel. In the South I have been to Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and getting to taste the regional variations in barbecue has been a great experience. I’m slowly getting this understanding of barbecue, this special cuisine, which isn’t common for a lot of chefs in the North. Read More


Marcus Pop Food: Why I Love Aspen Food and Wine

By admin | June 23, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Drew Nieporent

Photo Courtesy of Drew Nieporent

One of my favorite events in the food industry is Aspen Food and Wine Classic. All year long, I love going to all the food events, but this one in particular, the Classic, is fantastic.

The event is very special and feels intimate. I love getting to spend time with industry colleagues and hearing what other chefs are up to.  It’s not on a world stage with hundreds of people, but you actually get to interact with each other and learn. This years group of Best New Chefs were all there, and meeting them, seeing what they’re doing, and tasting their food was a great experience. Read More


Marcus Pop Food: Aspen Food and Wine Classic 2011

By admin | June 17, 2011


Having fun at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic with fellow chefs

Every year I look forward to the Aspen Food and Wine Classic. It’s my tenth or twelfth year going, and each year it’s amazing how much I learn from my chef colleagues. It’s inspiring to hear about what they’re up to, to be inspired to try new things, and to hear the feedback on Red Rooster.

It’s been a really great trip already. Read More


MARCUS POP FOOD: The President Comes to Harlem

By mahir | March 31, 2011

Obama Menu. Photo. Monika Sziladi

Obama Menu. Photo. Monika Sziladi

By Marcus Samuelsson

Tuesday was a historic day for the team and me. I’ve always known the role teamwork plays in the running of a restaurant and there was no better display of this combined effort than watching the elements come together for such a major day. Read More



By mahir | March 24, 2011

In Ethiopia

World Water Week

It’s World Water Week folks. A time in which we’re asked to reflect upon the scarcity of clean water throughout many parts of the globe and its impact on young children.

For me, this week of the year is especially impact-ful. Read More


MARCUS POP FOOD: Mentors in Cooking

By mahir | March 17, 2011

No matter how far you get in life, you will always remember your mentors. Every chef has at least one mentor, someone who taught and looked out for him or her when they were coming up in the culinary field. Read More


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