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Off the Shelf: The Modern Vegetarian

By Christopher Stewart | February 13, 2013

Photo courtesy of KyleBooks

Photo courtesy of KyleBooks

 In this new series we explore the books, new and old, that sit on our conference bookshelf. 

In the era of  all things food, the word “vegetarian” still shakes people up a bit. Vegetables are still getting a pretty bad wrap, even with the continual rise of more and more people becoming vegetarians, the success of upscale, all-vegetarian restaurants, and the world wide consumer love of Meatless Monday. Contrary to what some believe, you can be vegetarian and continue to experience bold flavors, new textures and have filling lunches, dinners, snacks and everything else in between. Read More


Meatless Monday Musts

By admin | April 9, 2012

Photo: Tara O'Keeffe

Photo: Tara O’Keeffe

Happy Meatless Monday! While there are so many reasons why you should make your Mondays meatless, the simple fact that extra fruits and veggies can make for great recipes is all we need.

In case you’re looking for a way to spice up your Monday cooking, we’ve put together a round up of some our favorite recipes with ingredients that are in season right now. Artichokes, avocados, asparagus, apricot and carrots rule our list today for favorite seasonal ingredients. All of these ingredients share more than just alliteration; they offer up tasty alternatives to your meat-heavy weekday meals.

Check out this list of Meatless Monday Musts… Read More


A Little Less Meat For A Less Hungry Population

By admin | October 17, 2011

Photo: Daniel Roy

Photo: Daniel Roy

By: Dylan Rodgers

How can we feed the world?  This question has been asked generation after generation; it has been the driving force of technological innovation since the beginning of human agricultural dominance.  The idea has generally been to expand our agricultural land as the human population grows.  This seems simple enough.  But we are now realizing the weight of constantly transforming land into farms through deforestation.  How do we then use what resources we already have to boost our crop yield?  A study in Montreal may have the answer. Read More


Meatless Monday Roundup

By admin | July 25, 2011

Photo: Adam Macchia

Photo: Adam Macchia

Looking for a way to spice up your usual Meatless Monday dishes? You don’t have to substitute great taste for healthy choices- you can have both! Check out these unique recipes and my easy step-by-step videos to spice up a bland vegetarian menu. Read More


Happy Meatless Monday, July 4th!

By admin | July 4, 2011

meatless fourth of july

Choose vegetarian foods like grilled corn this Fourth of July

Recently, people in America and all over the world have begun to embrace the Meatless Monday movement, a project designed to encourage less meat consumption due to the ill effects of meat on our bodies and on the environment. But can we still celebrate Meatless Monday on a holiday that’s all about eating abundant hot dogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill?  Read More


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