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Diverse Musical Taste

By mahir | January 4, 2011

To appreciate bitterness in food, it takes a lot of trial and error in tasting to help get you there. It’s the same with shaping your musical taste. Mine has always been diverse and was shaped a lot by musicians who look in a new direction, the same thing I’m trying to do with Red Rooster.


Music & Food: Timbuktu

By mahir | December 14, 2010


This week’s Music and Food, I’ve chosen to listen to my very good friend Jason Diakite known as Timbuktu in the music world.

I’ve taken the description from his Facebook Fan Page because I couldn’t have described it better:

“In Sweden, Timbuktu is the MC who even your grandparents have heard of. No, they probably aren’t rocking his album at their Tuesday dance class, but they know he exists. And in a country where the generational divide seems to expand daily, Read More


Pink Martini

By mahir | December 7, 2010

Pink Martini is a 12-member orchestra from Portland, Oregon. They have been described as “Music of the world without being world music.” “If the United Nations had a house band in 1962 hopefully Pink Martini would be that band.”
Enjoy the wonderful tunes of Pink Martini when cooking today!


Music & Food: Weekly Playlist

By Marcus Samuelsson | October 26, 2010

I have many passions in life and one essential one for me is music. It inspires me and, depending on the song, brings me back to experiences I’ve had throughout my life.

It also connects people throughout the world. Aside from food, I don’t know many things that can create such a powerful link.

Music was a very important part of my upbringing and still plays a key role in my world today. Because of this, every Wednesday, I’m excited to bring you playlists consisting of different songs and genres that are striking a chord with me (pun intended).

This week, here’s a list of some of my favorite hip hop and reggae songs, direct from Sweden. Join me every week and listen to my faves!

Read More


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