VRA Opens at the Clarion Post

By Joseph Hernandez | September 4, 2012

Chef Frida Ronge and the offerings at Vra, opening September 5 at Clarion Hotel Post in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Chef Frida Ronge and the offerings at VRA, opening September 5 at the Clarion Post Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tucked away behind Norda VRA, which opens September 5, is the latest restaurant to open at the Clarion Post Hotel. The menu, celebrating Scandinavian ingredients kicked up with Japanese flavors, is the brainchild of head chef Frida Ronge. Read More

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Glad Midsommar! A Look at the Foods of Midsummer

By Sanaz Lemoine | June 22, 2012


Smorgastorta, traditional Swedish sandwich cake

This weekend is the celebration of Midsummer in Sweden, but Swedes from all over the world participate in the festivities. A tribute to the longest day of the year, the day is filled with good food, music, dancing around the maypole and other activities. Midsummer is an occasion of great gatherings–and a good start of the summer holidays. For the Swedes, it meets our social commitments so that we can enjoy our vacation in peace.

Celebrating with others goes hand in hand with good food. Traditional Midsummer food is potatoes with herring or smoked fish, ham, meatballs, strawberries served with ice cream and schnapps and beer for the adults. However, new food trends such as pesto pickled herring, cheese pies, salmon sushi and coconut cake with strawberries are lovely additions to the classic meal. Each time the glasses are replenished at the dinner table, we break out into song and sing our schnapps songs. The more vibrant the song, the more joyful the atmosphere. Read More

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A Sweet Treat From Norda Chef Patrik Fredriksson for Swedish National Day

By | June 6, 2012

Photo: Florian Prischl

Photo: Florian Prischl

Happy Swedish National Day! Since 2005, Sweden has been celebrating its National Day where Swedes everywhere take the day off to share in tradition and fly that great blue and yellow flag. Unlike a lot of countries, Sweden does not have an independence day since it was not previously reined over by another country, so its Riksdag (parliament) decided that apart from the traditional Swedish Midsummer, Sweden should have a day dedicated to honoring its people and pride.

Today, June 6th, is the day and to honor Swedish National Day, we’re starting off our day by highlighting Norda’s Executive Pastry Chef, Patrik Fredriksson, who heads the pastry department at Marcus’s new Swedish establishment in Gothenburg. Check out our interview with Patrik and his recipe for Swedish Princess Cake to help kick off your Swedish National Day celebration. Read More


Greetings from Norda

By Marcus Samuelsson | June 1, 2012


Greetings from Sweden!

I came by to check up on Norda Bar & Grill and see their amazing progress. I wanted to pop over here before I started my book tour for Yes, ChefI’m really impressed with our Norda team and response has been great from our patrons. I love that I have the chance to be able to show Gothenburg a taste of New York City and the menu mix of the East Coast and Sweden seems like a hit.

While I’m here in Sweden, one of Norda’s greats, Pastry Sous Chef Jimmy Wigh is in New York as we speak. He paid us a visit as guest chef at Red Rooster where he dished out two special desserts, the Cloud and the Princess Cake. Jimmy got a chance to see how a New York City kitchen works and plans to come back and see us soon. Be sure to check out Jimmy’s blog to see other great dessert innovations from him and the rest of the Norda pastry team.

It’s back to work for me at Norda, but meanwhile here are a few photos of my visit here so far… Read More

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Reinventing the Way You See Dessert: A Chat with Norda’s Pastry Chef Jimmy Wigh

By Cyndi Amaya | May 30, 2012

Club Sandwich-inspired dessert

Norda's Chef Jimmy Wigh

“Never stop thinking. The day I stop thinking of new ideas, I should quit my job and start doing something else.”

I look up at Jimmy and realize he’s serious. Creating sweet concoctions at Norda in Sweden may seem like child’s play to some people, but to Jimmy Wigh it’s serious enough for him to consider a new profession. “I like using my creativity to make unexpected twists…to show people my viewpoint and how I see things differently,” says Wigh.  Read More


Norda’s Pastry Chef Kicks Off Summer at Red Rooster

By | May 29, 2012

Chef Jimmy Wigh

To help kick off summer Red Rooster Harlem has a special guest this week all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden. Sous Pastry Chef Jimmy Wigh joins us this week from the new Norda Bar & Grill with some sweet treats to spice up the Red Rooster dessert menu. Hailing from numerous kitchens in Sweden and Norway, Jimmy will share a couple of his sweet innovations that capture the seasonal flavors of this warm weather.

A Swedish native, Jimmy helps run the pastry department at Norda in the newly renovated Clarion Post Hotel. It’s his first time in New York City, but it’s only one more city he’s adding to his huge list of traveling. Having met his wife in Gol, Norway the two have been back and forth between Sweden and Norway for residence while taking time to travel the world in between each move. He recently joined the Norda team as the Sous Pasty Chef and has come to Red Rooster Harlem in the US to get a feel for our kitchen here. Thanks to Swedish sponsors Werners GourmetService and Grönsakshallen Sorunda, Jimmy is able to join us for a few days to experience what life is like in a New York kitchen. So far, he’s getting used to the NYC pace in the kitchen while getting to show us a small taste of Sweden. Read More


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