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As Election Results Come In, a Party Arises at Ginny’s

By Jeannette Park | November 7, 2012

Election Party 2012

Whether you voted Red or Blue, the scene at Ginny’s Supper Club last night was pure adrenaline and emotion. Guests snacked on dishes from a special Election menu –Wisconsin Cheddar and Mac with maple glazed bacon, the Obama Dog Chicago Style and a Red Hen dish (our Election night version of Fried Yard Bird) were the big winners of the night–and sipped Obama and Romney-themed cocktails. As the ballots were counted and the electoral votes added up, the night was all about exercising our right to vote and celebrating the best way we know how. Read More

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Eat Like a President: Recipes Prepared for President Barack Obama

By Emelyn Rude | November 6, 2012

Photo: Anthony Baker

Happy election day! Over the course of the past term, Chef Samuelsson has had the tremendous opportunity to prepare important meals for President Obama and his family, such as at his first State Dinner or at a DNC fundraiser held at the Chef’s restaurant Red Rooster in Harlem. Though not for the faint of heart in the kitchen, these recipes will certainly get you in the mood for the good ‘ol democratic process. So eat like a President as we all vote to decide upon the next one. Read More


Starting Young: FoodCorps Picks Up the Loose Ends in Nutritional Education

By admin | October 6, 2011

Photo: majorsteel25

Photo: majorsteel25

By: Dylan Rodgers

How are we supposed to know what a well-balanced diet looks like?  Given the recently spilled truth about some ‘organic’ crops, how are we supposed to figure out what’s really healthy and what’s not?  The USDA’s food pyramid and now “My Plate” gives too rough of an idea of nutrition for Americans to intelligibly grasp.  Despite the menial efforts of organizations to deter our trip down the road of obesity, many Americans don’t seem to be getting the picture. Read More


Let’s Move! Marks First Year Anniversary

By mahir | February 9, 2011

In America right now, obesity is an epidemic, affecting young children and adults all over the country.  One year ago, First Lady Michelle Obama created an organization that spans the country and touches all sectors from schools to mayors to sports leagues and more. Read More


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