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From Pastry to “Poetik” Designs

By Diamond Bradley | July 24, 2012


Nicklaus Jones, Founder of Poetik Designs

At first glance, one does not see a former pastry chef clothed in a blue blazer, loafers and bowtie.  But, that’s who you’re looking at.

Mr. Nicklaus Jones, Mississippi native and founder of graphic apparel line Poetik Designs remembers the days of being on the line at four-star NYC restaurant Le Cirque, where he’d left after one year for two main reasons.  One, the chef’s uniform didn’t allow him to show his individuality in his dress, and two, it just wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Mr. Jones, a vegetarian, left Le Cirque after a year to focus on his passion.  He wants to make Read More

Who To Know

Combining Cultures and Passions: An Interview with Red Rooster Chef Rory Young

By Cyndi Amaya | June 7, 2012

Chef Rory Young

Many people often say that the one thing that can unite different cultures, even if the location, language, or customs vastly differ, is food. Clearly, every person eats and many cultures tend to have similar strong connections with food, even if the ingredients are different.

Similarly, most individuals have numerous passions in life, but it’s rare to see a seamless combination of them or transition from one to another. One exception, of course, can be between different arts since the common thread between all forms of art is creativity.

One particular chef at Red Rooster, Rory Young, has learned just how to combine not only cultures but also passions in life. Coming from a different culture than he was raised in, and having experienced different careers, Rory has now learned how to adapt to different customs, cuisines, and arts. From advertising to pastry and from Central America to the Upper West Side, Chef Rory sat down with us to share his many passions… Read More

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A Sweet Treat From Norda Chef Patrik Fredriksson for Swedish National Day

By | June 6, 2012

Photo: Florian Prischl

Photo: Florian Prischl

Happy Swedish National Day! Since 2005, Sweden has been celebrating its National Day where Swedes everywhere take the day off to share in tradition and fly that great blue and yellow flag. Unlike a lot of countries, Sweden does not have an independence day since it was not previously reined over by another country, so its Riksdag (parliament) decided that apart from the traditional Swedish Midsummer, Sweden should have a day dedicated to honoring its people and pride.

Today, June 6th, is the day and to honor Swedish National Day, we’re starting off our day by highlighting Norda’s Executive Pastry Chef, Patrik Fredriksson, who heads the pastry department at Marcus’s new Swedish establishment in Gothenburg. Check out our interview with Patrik and his recipe for Swedish Princess Cake to help kick off your Swedish National Day celebration. Read More

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Reinventing the Way You See Dessert: A Chat with Norda’s Pastry Chef Jimmy Wigh

By Cyndi Amaya | May 30, 2012

Club Sandwich-inspired dessert

Norda's Chef Jimmy Wigh

“Never stop thinking. The day I stop thinking of new ideas, I should quit my job and start doing something else.”

I look up at Jimmy and realize he’s serious. Creating sweet concoctions at Norda in Sweden may seem like child’s play to some people, but to Jimmy Wigh it’s serious enough for him to consider a new profession. “I like using my creativity to make unexpected twists…to show people my viewpoint and how I see things differently,” says Wigh.  Read More


Seeing Red: Mixing The Sweet With The Savory

By Jeannette | March 20, 2012

Chef Peter Steele

By: Allana Mortell

I live by the mantra, “Life’s too short – eat dessert first!” When you’re having an off day or need a small pick-me-up, I like to think there’s nothing a cup of dark chocolate mousse can’t fix. So, when I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Chef Peter Steele, the newest pastry chef of Red Rooster, it was like a dream-come-true.

But other aren’t too keen on sweets, so it’s often hard to get restaurant-goers to leave room for dessert. But to Chef Peter, he takes that fact like a challenge and creates desserts that all audiences will love. By combining the sweet with the savory, Peter has innovative dishes pumping out left and right from the Red Rooster kitchen that just might make you want to eat dessert first, too! Check out Chef Peter’s story and the science of pastry… Read More


Get Fit For Summer: Five Tasty Low Calorie Summer Desserts

By mahir | May 25, 2011

Get Fit For Summer!

When summer heat arrives, it can encourage you to cool off with a pint of ice cream. However, staying cool and eating healthily are not at odds. With some planning and easy recipes for low calorie summer desserts, you can keep cool and stay trim at the same time. Whether you’re aiming for a healthy treat or a small low calorie bite, these options will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and the scale. Or, try a tart Rhubarb Crumble to make this month’s star ingredient shine. Read More


Top 5 Cookbooks For This Holiday Season

By mahir | November 29, 2010

Now that it’s after Thanksgiving, you may be starting to think about what to give your loved ones for the upcoming holidays.  Here are my five top picks for cookbooks to give this holiday season.

Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France Read More


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