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Picnic Basket: Motorcycle Day Trip

By Ashley Beck | June 27, 2013

photo: soozums


If your mode of transportation is two wheels and if those two wheels are powered by an engine, this ones for you. Now I know that if you ride a motorbike, the stopping and eating part is the least exciting part. However, if you want to bring that special someone along, they most likely will be looking forward to that part the most. So why not make it romantic and delicious! Or even better? Get a group together and make a day of it.

When riding via motorbike, you’ll be amazed at what type of spread you’ll be able to configure once you get where you’re going. So get your backpack ready or strap a picnic basket to the back (I’ve seen it done) and check out these great food options to fill it up. You will discover that you can easily refuel yourself with better foods than those found at pit stops and gas stations. Not to mention the points you’ll score with the one who’s along for the ride. Read More

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Perfect Picnic Picks From Your Farmers Market

By Melania Gasbarrino | April 30, 2012

Photo: Alex Lang

Photo: Alex Lang

Spring is a time for lounging around, getting your garden ready and picnicking in the park. Planning the perfect picnic is one of the loveliest things to do during the spring as with the cold winter days behind us, and long summer days ahead we all want to spend as much time outside as possible.

One of the easiest ways to plan the perfect picnic in the park is to stroll on through the Farmer’s Market, select some of the freshest fruits and vegetables available and take to your kitchen to create a few masterpieces. Of course many stick to the traditional picnicking basics of a creamy potato salad, peanut butter sandwiches, and cheese, grapes and wine, but why not expand your horizons to enjoy the fruits and vegetables harvested by local farmers? Think of this as a time to explore all the sweet spring flavors out there, all the while keeping localism in mind.

When fruits and vegetables are in season, you of course want to get your hands on them. These are just a few quick recipes you can create using fresh, locally in season fruits and vegetables that you can find in your local farmers market.

Here are a few fresh farmers market picks that can spice up your spring picnic: Read More


Great Ideas For Camp Care Packages

By mahir | July 14, 2011


Summer days conjure images of fresh mountain air, lakeside picnics and raucous outdoor dinners that go on until the wee hours.  However, for those of us in the city, summer days actually mean soaring temperatures, stuffy subway rides and frizzed hair.  Kids at camp don’t know how good they have it!  Here are some great ideas for camp care packages for those lucky little ones who are away for the summer.  Of course, you can always fashion a care package for yourself, sit back and take full advantage of your summer staycation!  Read More


What to Pack for your Fourth of July Picnic

By admin | July 4, 2011

A Well-Stocked Picnic Basket Makes for a Great Fourth of July Picnic

A Well-Stocked Picnic Basket Makes for a Great Fourth of July Picnic

Beachfront house or barbecue event: check. Fireworks display: check. Blanket to sit on: check. What’s left but to pack up your picnic basket? With all your Fourth of July planning you may not have time to think of what is best for your basket. So to help you out, here’s a list of foods, ingredients and tips to pack with you for your perfect picnic. Read More


Campfire Cooking: Delicious Eating in the Great Outdoors

By mahir | June 16, 2011

You'll never forget a meal cooked over an open campfire flame!

You’ll never forget a meal cooked over an open campfire flame!

Sleeping under the stars, hiking underneath a canopy of trees, and cooking over an open flame. If those activities tug at your heartstrings, then perhaps you should plan a summer camping trip. Of course, travelling, whether it’s on a road trip or into the wilderness, requires food that lives up to the scenery. For maximum enjoyment, a modicum of advance planning is necessary to enjoy a satisfying meal around the campfire. Check out our guide to food and equipment for a camping trip to remember. Read More


Weekend Picnic Plan!

By mahir | June 3, 2011

Photo: stevendepolo on flickr

Photo: stevendepolo on flickr

Take advantage of the summertime weather and bring the dining room outside. Picnicking is one of warm weather’s great pleasures and is a fantastic way to showcase a wide variety of dishes, so that there’s something for each person’s tastes and a range of things to try. Read More


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