Religious Groups Face Growing Criticism Over Traditional Foods

By Jeannette | March 22, 2012

Photo: Christoph Huebner

Photo: Christoph Huebner

By: Justin Chan

Americans are used to the debate regarding the separation of church and state. For years, many liberals and atheists have argued that religion should have a small to nonexistent role in United States politics while an equally large number of conservatives and the church-going community have argued otherwise. The issue has now shifted to the food realm where some religious groups across the world are criticizing governments for disrespecting their traditional methods of preparing food.

According to CJAD 800 AM, a radio station based in Montreal, two political parties in Quebec are under fire after criticizing the quality of kosher and halal meat. The Parti Quebecois argued that animals oftentimes suffer at the time of their slaughter and the meat is usually unhealthy. One member of the National Assembly claimed that the bleeding of the animal after its death can lead to e. coli contamination, which is a serious health risk. Another party, Coalition Avenir Quebec, has pushed for measures that would require a label on kosher and halal meat. Some politicians, however, are not entirely siding with the criticism. Read More


The Hindu Food Fasting and Spiritual Feasting: Karva Chauth

By admin | October 17, 2011

Photo: arunjrk

Photo: arunjrk

By: Saira Malhotra

This past Saturday was Karva Chauth, the day I was awakened by my mother-in-law at the crack of dawn to eat sweets, Indian stuffed unleavened breads and fresh fruit. To know me is to understand that sleep is the single most important ingredient to get my day started the right way and to know me really well is to know that I am not a breakfast person. Why then, was this day any different? This is the one day in the year when Hindu ladies (particularly from the North) pray for the longevity of their husbands’ life by fasting from sunrise to moon rise.

Many cultures have some kind of fasting as part of their rituals. For the Muslims, there’s Eid, for the Jews, there’s Yom Kippur, for Christians, there’s Lent and for Hindus, there’s Karva Chauth. Read More


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