THE EYE: Oak Wood Salad Servers

By Christopher Stewart | March 19, 2013

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Photo Courtesy of Georg Jensen

With warmer weather, brings unexpected dinner guests. I know that when the seasons change and the sun is shining, I enjoy hanging out with friends at home, laughing and eating, of course. And being fashionable shouldn’t only involve clothing; it should flow over into your entertaining. Who wants to serve and entertain with boring utensils? No one. The George Jensen Oak Wood salad servers do not fit into the category of boring. The wood design and stainless steel finishing will perfectly contrast with your bright crisp salad or perfectly roasted vegetables. Don’t just stop at serving great food. Be the hostess with the mostest, not only with delicious recipes, but with stylish serving utensils as well. Read More

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Eat Globally, Eat Better!

By Marcus Samuelsson | September 12, 2012

Photo: bknabel

Photo: bknabel

I was honored to spend a few hours at the Huffington Post Oasis at the RNC and DNC these past two weeks, talking about how to eat globally to eat better. I couldn’t have asked for a better response from both those who came up to me at the conventions and those who commented on my recent blog on this topic, but the one thing almost everyone asked me for is for some more ideas for incorporating this idea into their daily lives! So with some help of my friends at and, here are 10 of my favorite recipes that highlight dishes that are so full of flavor you don’t have to eat a lot. Some are quick and easy and some take a bit more time, but I guarantee all of them will make you feel better from the inside-out.

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Ingredient Focus: Nasturtium

By mahir | May 16, 2011


If you’ve started to get palate-fatigue with your salads, then it might be time to spice up your repetoire! Try adding a handful of nasturtium flowers to your spring salad. These flowers have a vegetal flavor with grassy, peppery undertones. Read More


For a Cheap and Healthy Meal, Make a Salad from your Leftovers!

By mahir | May 12, 2011

Photographer: Lindsay Hunt

Photographer: Lindsay Hunt


Sometimes it seems like there’s hardly enough of a dish to justify keeping leftovers. It only takes a little bit of effort, though, to put these away. At the end of the day, you save a lot of food from needless waste. What could you actually do with three asparagus, a quarter cup of potatoes, or half a veggie burger?  Read More


What Do You Do With Roast Chicken?

By Marcus Samuelsson | April 19, 2011


For a dish that keeps on dishing it out, try a whole roast chicken! Roast chicken can be part of an lunch or dinner in and of itself, but is also extremely versatile. If roasting a whole chicken can’t quite fit into your schedule, you can also pick up a rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store or rotisserie counter. Read More


Dinner with President Barack Obama

By mahir | April 11, 2011


President Barack Obama was at Red Rooster Harlem for a DNC fundraiser dinner last week and we were incredibly honored and thrilled to host this historic event and have him as our distinguished guest.

Check out what we served as the first entree for President Obama and his friends at Red Rooster Harlem in our video series of Dinner with President Barack Obama. Read More


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