Kim Witherspoon Honored at Bronx Academy of Letters Gala

By Marcus Samuelsson | May 2, 2012

Bronx Academy of Letters

I wanted to give a shout out to Kim Witherspoon, a fantastic woman who is, not only my book agent, but a founding member of Bronx Academy of Letters.

In the culinary world she has represented many chefs with their books, but what a lot of people might not know is that she’s a founding member of this public charter school that encourages students to be articulate, critical readers and writers.  Read More


School Lunches Just Got A Whole Lot Healthier

By admin | February 6, 2012

Photo: Bread for the World

Photo: Bread for the World

By: Ashley Bode

Last week, school lunches made great strides toward becoming more healthful. The USDA announced new guidelines for subsidized school lunches, showing the first changes to the program in over 15 years, changes that have become part of The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. The Act is a piece of legislation that allows the USDA to improve lunch and breakfast programs for school children through nutrition and a hunger safety net, a first in over 30 years.

Mark Bittman chronicles the pros and cons in his opinion piece for the New York Times, continually providing readers with an educated discussion on the way food systems operate in the US.  He is quick to note that the new rules, which lessen the importance of protein-centric meals and increase fruit and veggie portions, are less than perfect, but also are the biggest step made toward a nutritional based program for children in desperate need. Read More


New York Coalition for Healthy School Food Hosts Annual Gala

By admin | October 10, 2011



With the topic of acquiring healthier meals in schools finally gaining strength and support as a movement, many organizations are rising up in efforts to bring more attention to this worthy cause. One such nonprofit is the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food (NYCHSF). This statewide nonprofit works to “improve the health and well-being of New York’s students by advocating for healthy plant-based foods, including local and organic where possible, farm to school programs, school gardens, the elimination of unhealthy competitive foods in all areas of the school (not just the cafeteria), comprehensive nutrition policy, and education to create food- and health-literate students.” The NYCHSF is gathering more support for this movement by conducting pilot programs, holding conferences and workshops, and finally working to change state legislation that promotes healthier foods in school.

This week the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food (NYCHSF) will hold its annual fall gala: Healthy Food in Fashion Read More


Schools To Soon Provide Healthier Lunches For Kids

By admin | September 20, 2011

Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture

The United States is finally focusing on new healthier lifestyles for children, much thanks to the Child Nutrition Bill and Michelle Obama’s drive to create a healthier America. First things first, noted in CNN’s “Obama Signs Child Nutrition Bill”, The Child Nutrition Bill was signed back in December by President Obama to “encourage better eating habits by giving the federal government more authority to set standards for food sold in schools.” The bill seeks to increase free healthy meals for children in low-income areas and requires schools to abide by the US Department of Agriculture’s healthy eating strategies. By implementing the Child Nutrition Bill schools are able to create healthier lunches one day at a time. Read More


Philadelphia School’s Are Trying To Make It Healthier For The Kids

By mahir | March 29, 2011

Despite the efforts of parents, school teachers, and even Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative, it’s still difficult to make sure kids are not buying junk food and are eating healthily. At the William D. Kelley School in Philadelphia, there are healthy options, and soda and sweet snacks have been expelled, but the allure of inexpensive snacks at the corner store is powerful. Read More


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