Not Just Carrot Sticks: Five Steps to Healthy Snacking

By Emma Laperruque | July 26, 2012

Photo: Emily Barney

Many might think that cutting out snacking is the way to lose weight. In reality, though, three meals a day isn’t the answer to a healthy, balanced diet. If you get too hungry between meals, you’ll end up impulse-ordering that bacon cheese burger you don’t really need or eating that chocolate pudding straight from your fridge in the middle of the night. Putting aside all Doritos and its like-minded, orange-powdered friends, snacking can be a great way to keep your diet in check. Just follow these easy steps:

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A New Nutty Snack

By admin | March 22, 2012

Snackle Mouth

By: Marnely Rodriguez

For the past week, I’ve been snacking constantly on a crunchy new snack. It’s naturally sweet, nutty, with a bunch of clusters packed with good for you ingredients. It’s called Snackle Mouth and has become my go-to snack during the afternoons.

Snackle Mouth is all about “clumpability”. You know those clusters you love to find in granola? Well, Snackle Mouth is ALL about those clusters around some of the best nuts in the world. What do they add to those nuts? Well, better yet, let’s start with what they don’t add: no refined sugars, no trans-fats, and no fake tasting flavors. My favorite has been the Almond Pecan Maple and it contains goodies such as Organic Blue Agave, Pecans, Oats, Cranberries, and more!

Recently, I had the pleasure of asking James Moreau, Snackle Mouth’s Community Director, a few questions about this newfound snack of mine! Read More


Street Food Focus: Chinese Eggettes

By Jeannette | March 2, 2012

Photo: corvuslee

Photo: corvuslee

By: Justin Chan

As a child, I often followed my mother around Chinatown. Though we lived in Queens, she insisted on buying her grocery from Chinese supermarkets. After all, they were the only ones in the city that carried the ingredients she needed to cook up a sizzling Chinese dish.

Oftentimes, she would spend an hour or so scanning and choosing products that were stocked neatly on the shelves. She treated her errand as if her life depended on it, while I had little interest. In fact, I would complain until she bought me Chinese eggettes from the street vendors that lined up along Canal Street. The bite-sized edibles were a cheap drug to shut me up. My mother knew I was addicted to them, and since they only costed a dollar, she found a cheap way to keep me quiet while she shopped for groceries. Read More


A Nation of Snacking: Snacks Slowly Replacing Meals in America

By admin | November 9, 2011

Photo: Judy Baxter

Photo: Judy Baxter

By: Cyndi Amaya

A recent survey by Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps brand reveals that almost half of Americans, roughly 40 percent, would prefer to indulge in snack foods throughout the day instead of eating the traditional and recommended three square meals. Even more shockingly, a large percentage of those same surveyed replace meals for snack food instead, like lunch and dinner, 78 percent and 55 percent respectively. These statistics point to the reality of snack foods (in most cases, unhealthy snack foods) emerging as a staple of the American diet. Read More


6 Summer Street Snacks

By admin | August 3, 2011

Photo: Lauren Mitchell

Photo: Lauren Mitchell


There maybe only be a few weeks left in the summer, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some of the wonderful summer snacks. Whether you grab them at a street fair or just find a great vendor, here’s a small selection of six summer street snacks sure to satisfy several senses. Try to say that five times fast! Read More


Are Baby Carrots The New Junk Food?

By mahir | July 13, 2011

baby carrots

We all know that familiar routine: grab a shiny bag with appealing advertising, easily pop it open, relish the snack inside with a satisfying crunch and repeat. Now imagine that snack as tasty and healthy baby carrots instead of those processed potato chips and cheese doodles we are all familiar with. This idea was exactly what Jeff Dunn, of Bolthouse Farms, and Omid Farhang, of Crispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency, had in mind while trying to devise a strategy to make baby carrots cool again. In his entertaining and interesting article, “How Carrots Became The New Junk Food,” for Fast Company, Douglas McGray details the long, but comical process of for baby carrots’ new ad campaign, “Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food”.  Read More


Street Food: Pakora

By admin | July 5, 2011

Photo: ampersandyslexia on flickr

Photo: ampersandyslexia on flickr

An important aspect of street food is how easy it is to eat and transport. When you’re walking around a new city, choosing portable food to enjoy while you explore can help maximize your time during your visit. Pakoras, a popular Indian chaat, are great little bites that you can wrap up and take with you for a delicious and traditional snack. Read More


Healthy Snacks for a Summer Road Trip

By admin | June 23, 2011

Ensure maximum road trip enjoyment with plan-ahead snacks

Ensure maximum road trip enjoyment with plan-ahead snacks

Even if you’ve planned your road trip around food, you will undoubtedly get hungry between stops. On the highway, you’ll see many rest stops with fast food outlets. These might seem like an easy way to stop and get a quick lunch.

But, if you pack your own food, you can keep up a healthy lifestyle even when you’re on a long road trip.  By bringing planned snacks, you will be able to stay on the road, stay away from unhealthy food at rest stops, and still enjoy yourself! Check out these ideas for healthy road trip snacks. Read More


The Best Artisan Chips

By mahir | June 10, 2011


As either a snack by itself, a side dish for lunch, or a vehicle for your favorite dips, potato chips are among the most popular foods in the world. Chips are a must with summer picnics and barbecues, but it’s crucial that your potato live up to what’s on the grill. And don’t forget the dip! Read More


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