Chelsea FC Partners with FC Harlem

By Alexandra Fleischman | July 24, 2013



It was a special day at Red Rooster last week when an abnormally large table of tall, athletic young men came in for lunch. They were London’s world-famous soccer team Chelsea FC’s Under-21 squad, getting a feel for the neighborhood before announcing a partnership with FC Harlem. Between training with some of FC Harlem’s players at their Riverside Park field and visiting the historic Apollo Theater, they chatted and ate with Marcus at Red Rooster.

Not only did they attract a more than a few glances and photos in their matching jerseys, but also they gave Marcus one to keep. Read More


Counting Down to Euro Cup 2012

By Marcus Samuelsson | June 5, 2012

Photo:  David Wilson

Photo: David Wilson

As a huge soccer fan, I can’t wait until the UEFA Euro Cup kicks off this Friday. This year’s cup will be held in Poland and Ukraine, with the Ukraine playing for the first time ever in the Euro Cup. I’m rooting for Sweden of course, but I’m also excited to see other countries like France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. If Spain wins again, it will be the first country to ever win two Euro Cups in a row and three international soccer cups in a row, after winning the FIFA World Cup two years ago.

This must be an exciting time for Ukraine since it is the first time it will be playing in the Euro Cup. It gets to share the stage with Poland in hosting this huge event and we’ll get the chance for a closer look at both these countries’ food, cultures and soccer fans. Both of these countries are rich in history and tradition, and from living in NYC, I get to encounter their food quite often. Read More


Spring Soccer Social

By Marcus Samuelsson | April 24, 2012

Soccer at the Tribeca Film Fest

The gorgeous spring weather on Saturday was such a treat, and the kids were out in full force at the Tribeca/NYFest soccer tournament at Pier 40. As mentioned, I was asked to participate in their celebrity match and I got to play alongside some pro players and other fellows from the film industry. Saw my friend Kelly Ripa who was there cheering her husband and my teammate Mark.

The guys (and one girl, hey Amy!) started friendly but things got a bit competitive in the second half (but all in good fun). I was even going head-to-head with Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh at one point! Good thing we’re both Arsenal F.C. fans so I let him off easy. My team, Team Claudio Reyna, ended up clinching the game with three minutes to go and ended up winning 3-2.

But the day really was for the kids-we got to hang out with them and take some photos before the match. Read More


‘El Clasico': Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in Food and Soccer

By Marcus Samuelsson | April 20, 2012

Photo: gomezoscar

Photo: gomezoscar

One of the world’s most anticipated and watched soccer match, ‘El Clasico,’ is just one day away! For those who follow soccer, you’ll agree with me that what makes this game even more special is that there’s only 5 games left to play in La Liga and Real Madrid have a 4 point lead, meaning this game will probably decide who will win the league title this season.

While I’m anxiously waiting to watch the match along with millions of others, I can’t help but think about the history behind these two teams and cities in general. In addition to hosting two of the biggest names in soccer, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, these two teams represent one of the biggest rivalries in history, and not only in soccer but also in food and politics, that still exists today.

While both cities reside in Spain, the customs and cultures vary to the max in each location. Barcelona is known for its Catalan heritage that has existed in the northeast state of Spain for centuries. That region still speaks the Catalan language and is extremely proud of its food, art, music and Catalan customs. While Barcelona differentiates itself by celebrating its distinct traditions, the capital of Spain, Madrid, is known for more an amalgamation of the cultures of all of Spain’s distinct states like Catalunya, Basque Country, and Galicia. Their pride comes from the national collective of influences.

Besides soccer, food is also one of Spain’s biggest passions. Read More


Kicking it at the Tribeca Film Fest Soccer Game

By Marcus Samuelsson | April 19, 2012

Photo:  tamaradulva

Photo: tamaradulva

For those who know me, they know I’m really passionate about soccer. I play in a league team with some fellow Swedes (Go Blatte United!) so I’m really excited to be able to participate in the Tribeca/NYFEST celebrity soccer tournament this Saturday. It should be a really fun day with teams from Adam Yauch’s Oscilloscope Laboratories to Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal’s Tribeca Enterprises to Dave Matthews’ ATO Pictures competing. My teammates will include Andrew Shue and Alessandro Nivola as well as a number of pros like Red Bulls captain Claudio Reyna.

The best part is all of the day’s events are free to the public and will feature music, some food and lots of killer kicking around the field. You’ll get a full report after the game (providing we win). Kidding aside, come down and check it out and know you’re supporting a worthy cause-all proceeds from the event go to charities that provide soccer programs for underserved urban youth.

Read More


FC Harlem’s New Youth Soccer Field

By admin | October 18, 2011


It was an exciting day and a huge honor to take part in the unveiling of FC Harlem’s new soccer field yesterday in Riverside Park. The event was filled with a fervent group of kids that got the opportunity to participate in a coaching session directed by the New York Red Bulls. The professional players, Thierry Henry and Rafael Marquez, demonstrated how school subjects such as math also come in handy while playing soccer.  Angles and strategies are important aspects of the game.  It’s amazing what children can learn from soccer. Lessons that I learned from soccer are ones that I have used throughout my life. Read More


Copa America: Peru vs Uruguay

By admin | July 19, 2011


photo credit: Steven Depolo

With the semifinals of Copa America underway this week, what better way to feature the countries taking part in today and tomorrow’s games than by sharing some popular dishes from each country.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Copa America, Read More


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