7 Deadly Reasons To Stay Away from Soda

By Michael Engle | March 27, 2012

Photo: Nicholas Liby

Photo: Nicholas Liby

By: Michael Engle

Have you ever witnessed a child, at a birthday party or Taco Bell, take one sip of Mountain Dew and instantly become incredibly hyper?  According to Rodale’s Emily Main, there are plenty of worrisome long-term side effects associated with soft drink consumption, going beyond the heaping tablespoons of sugar and empty calories. Even though diet soda may lack the calories of the regular counterparts, it also contributes to some of these health hazards! Read More


Will Taxing Soda Deter Its Consumption?

By admin | December 8, 2011

Photo: Wyscan

Photo: Wyscan

By: Saira Malhotra

When a product is deemed harmful, we know from childhood that being lectured doesn’t make it a deterrent. That’s when the invisible hand comes into play – sin taxes. Levied on cigarettes and alcohol, the objective is to reduce the number of transactions. Does it work? According to various supermarket and green market vendors, the $14 cigarette packet has less of an audience than it once did.

This week, Time Magazine’s ‘Heathland’ took a closer look at how a price hike in soda would impact supply chain participants. In the past the view has been to reprimand the client by raising taxes on those commodities or inhibiting their purchase through food stamps. The angle being taken is different this time. Read More


Top 5 Artisanal Sodas for Sipping

By mahir | March 1, 2011

Now that Spring is in the air, and warm and sunny days are not far, it’s nice to have a refreshing beverage.  When you don’t feel like an alcoholic beverage with dinner, crack open your favorite soda. For a change of pace, check out these top 5 artisanal sodas fit for sipping, not chugging. Read More


Food Language – Food Thoughts with Sheryl Estrada

By mahir | November 18, 2010

Food and language are cultural. So, it’s no wonder many U.S. regions have their own names for certain food and drink. My recent attempt to purchase a sandwich reminded me of this. And, made me think of other examples.

A sub hero.

It all started at the counter of a deli section at a popular supermarket chain in Florida. Read More


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