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Curry Recipe Ideas For Dinner Tonight and Lunch Tomorrow

By Ashley Beck | April 17, 2013

Photos clockwise from top left: Sweet Potato Curry with Chicken and Bacon, Thai Green Curry Shrimp, Golden Thai Curry with Green Beans, Malaysian-Style Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Photos clockwise from top left: Sweet Potato Curry with Chicken and Bacon, Thai Green Curry Shrimp, Golden Thai Curry with Green Beans, Malaysian-Style Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Curry is a great meal idea if your looking to add more flavor to your dinner repertoire. What’s more, the leftovers are even tastier and make for the perfect next day lunch. The great thing about a curry is that you can use almost any meat, vegetable and/or starch your heart desires as they are merely the texture vehicle that the spice-filled gravy can shine on. Here we have for you 11 curry recipes that span from all over the globe. From India, to Thailand, Malaysia, to Marcus’ own roots in Ethiopia. So pick a place on the map, and enjoy the flavors they have to offer tonight! Read More


How to Make Your Own Spice Blends: Berbere

By MarcusSamuelsson.com | June 4, 2012

Photo: Pearl Pirie

Photo: Pearl Pirie

Using different spice blends is a wonderful way to enhance the flavor of meats and vegetables, while also adding a kick to any ordinary dish. Most ethnic spice blends can be fairly simple to make so we’ve created a mini-series to show you step by step how to create your own. Check out our first spice blend below.

Berbere, whose name means hot in Amharic, is a chili-spice blend that’s essential to many Ethiopian dishes, including Doro Wat. It is by far the most popular spice used in Ethiopia. Berbere is used to season everything from vegetables to meats and stews. Some of Red Rooster’s favorite dishes, like the Fried Yard Bird, include Berbere for that added heat that our patrons love so much.

Although the base of Berbere is red chili and garlic, it is not particularly spicy like cayenne so a good amount can be used to enhance the strength and flavor of a dish. You can use Berbere for traditional Ethiopian dishes, or as a seasoning for all meats and vegetables. Add some to your fried or roast chicken or as a shake for grilled vegetables. Want the recipe? Click here to find out how to make Berbere at home. Read More

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Adding Spice To Your Meals To Add Years Your Life

By Justin Chan | March 23, 2012

Photo: Neha Singh

Photo: Neha Singh 

While some researchers are pushing for regulation of sugar in order to limit heart risks, others say that adding a few spices can potentially help your heart.

According to NPR, a study from Penn State reveals that spicy meals can reduce fat in the blood. More specifically, the spices can cut levels of triglycerides. Sheila West, one of the researchers who conducted the study, said triglycerides are a major risk factor for heart disease and that those who had spicy meals reduced their fat levels by a third compared to those who did not have any spices in their food. Some of the spices that were used in the experiment included turmeric, oregano, paprika, rosemary and ginger.

The research did not determine which spices had the most effect on reducing triglyceride levels, but some experts are already optimistic about the results. Read More


Kalustyan’s: New York’s Mecca of Spices

By admin | February 1, 2012

Photo:Jazz Guy

Photo: Jazz Guy

By: Ashley Bode

One of the greatest challenges in preparing traditional dishes can be finding the right ingredients; in particular, the right spices. New York City is plentiful in both many nationalities and their corresponding food traditions. Spices are no different.

On Lexington Avenue, between 28th and 29th streets in Little India on the border of Murray Hill,also known as Curry Hill, sits a particular spice-infused institution that that can help. Since 1944, Kalustyan’s has been providing generations of New Yorkers with an array of spices that is hard to match. Originally, the spice shop was home to only Indian spices and groceries, but has since taken the title of an international specialty food and spice shop.

The tiny storefront is misleading, as any visitor will notice. Once inside, it feels as though you’ve stepped into a cave that is hiding the finest of jewels on earth.    Read More

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Spicing Up Your Meals: 4 Must-Have Spice Blends

By Saira Malhotra | January 30, 2012

Photo: Clyde Robinson

Photo: Clyde Robinson 

This week, Monica Bhide, Indian food contributor and cook book author, reminded us of the power of spices. Like a palate of colors, spices can change the mood and tone of dishes entirely, even if the rest of the ingredients are exactly the same. Imagine dry rubbing a chicken with Chinese 5 Spice, Garam Masala or Cajun spice mix. The experience would be different and it would beg for an entirely different set of condiments, side dishes and beverages to compliment.

We are always tired of eating the same thing-different day but the solution isn’t far either. Purchasing different cuts of meats or vegetables that we have barely heard of let alone know what to do with, can lead to a discouraging experience if things don’t quite work out. But imagine what just a few different spice blends could do.

Throw in a little Ras-el Hanout and then allow your mind to drift to Morocco Read More


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