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First Lady Visits the Studio Museum

By Marcus Samuelsson | September 26, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Obama
Photo Courtesy of Michelle Obama

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Obama

On behalf of our entire team at Red Rooster, I would like to thank First Lady Michelle Obama for asking us to be part of the Luncheon on the occasion of the 68th United Nations General Assembly. Even though I personally was unable to attend, it was an honor to have our team welcome the First Lady and her guests to The Studio Museum and share with them the food, the art and the neighborhood that I call home. Read More

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Weekend Warrior: Free Music, Movies, and a Lot of Ice Cream

By Alexandra Fleischman | August 2, 2013

Who can resist that? (Photo: jasonlam)
Who can resist that? Photo: jasonlam

Who can resist that? Photo: jasonlam

TGIF, and now what? Here’s a look at events around New York City that are worth checking out.

All weekend

Restaurant Week continues! Get special dinner menus for $38 and lunch for $25 in restaurants all over the city.

Yes, I’ll take a pop-up artisanal food market open Friday through Sunday! Check it out: the Super(Duper)Market hosted by Paper Mag. Read More


A New Season at the Studio Museum Harlem

By Emelyn Rude | December 3, 2012

Studio Museum - perFOREmance

The Fall/Winter season is underway at the Studio Museum, and the Harlem landmark’s new exhibitions are most certainly not to be missed. Boldly greeting visitors as they enter the gallery space is Fore, the fourth in the Museum’s series highlighting emerging artists of African descent. Covering two floors, the exhibition features various captivating works, such as the vibrant and thought-provoking photographs of Brooklyn-based Narcissister, the gold-leaf embossed still-lifes of the West Coast artist Noah Davis, and the disconcertingly organic sculptures of New York’s Kevin Beasley. Read More


Kwanzaa Celebrations at The Studio Museum

By admin | December 20, 2011

Photo: The Confluence

Photo: The Confluence

Want to participate in some community activities for Kwanzaa this year? Harlem’s Studio Museum is hosting a Kwanzaa day on December 29th, in the spirit of the 6th principle of Kwanzaa, Kuumba, which stands for creativity. On Thursday, the 29th the Studio Museum will be hosting a series of fun and creative activities including scavenger hunts in the Museum galleries, button making, and collage workshops.  The Studio Museum will also offer various giveaways! All of these activities will surely help your creative juices flow to fully emerge in the celebration of Kwanzaa. The Kwanzaa celebration begins at the Studio Museum from 1:00pm-3:00pm. 

Another custom that touches back to African roots, is the tradition of quilting. Going back through generations among African families and African American families (especially during the times of slavery), quilts have had a significant role in representing families, communities, and often times routes towards freedom. Because of this strong connection to African descent, the Studio Museum is also hosting this day in honor of Kwanzaa, a community quilting workshop. Join the quilt and fiber artist Ife Felix in conversation with Faith Ringgold as they explore the history and significance of quilting as a collaborative activity. The quilting workshop will take place after the Kwanzaa celebration on Thursday, December 29th from 4:00pm-6:00pm.  Read More


The Art of Harlem: Sanford Biggers

By admin | August 9, 2011

Photo: Richard Martin

Photo: Richard Martin

In tribute to Harlem Week, we will feature a closer look at some of Harlem’s local artists. We start off our series with a resident artist of our own Harlem restaurant, Red Rooster. Contemporary artist Sanford Biggers can be considered a gem to the Harlem community. Not only is he known for his deep-rooted African American art, but Biggers also teaches at Columbia University in hopes of passing on the necessary knowledge that is intrinsic to art and history.  His pieces can be found at the Studio Museum as well as on Red Rooster’s walls. Read More


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