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Holiday Party Food Safety Tips

By Tawnya Manion | December 23, 2013

Photo: USDAgov
Photo: USDAgov

Photo: USDAgov

The holiday season consists of numerous parties. Many where we’re called upon to make or take food to an event. Usually, people set out edibles on a buffet table, and people graze throughout the evening. However, when food is left out at room temperature for too long it starts to be a breading ground for bacteria, which could possibly cause illnesses. To ensure a safe and smooth holiday, practice these following tips to keeping the food at your celebrations innocuous.  Read More

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SMART University Educating Women Through Cooking Classes

By Tawnya Manion | November 25, 2013



SMART, an acronym for Sisterhood Mobilized for AID/HIV Research and Treatment, is a not-for-profit organization that works hard to create a safe haven where women living with HIV or AIDS in New York City can get support from their peers and gain education through hands-on classes. The organization’s SMART Body workshop couples nutrition education with hands-on cooking lessons. These tutorials provide the women of SMART a chance to try new foods and learn healthier cooking methods that can better the overall health of themselves and their families.

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Gypsy Brewers Don’t Let Anything Stop the Brew

By Tawnya Manion | October 21, 2013

Photo Courtesy of Evil Twin


Photo Courtesy of Evil Twin

Photo Courtesy of Evil Twin

Beer brewers no longer feel the pressure to be coerced by rules, location, or even brewery walls. In a world were business can be conducted through smart phones anywhere in the world, a new band of brewers, coined gypsy or nomad brewers, can make beer anywhere they please without having to worry about owning an entire brewery. Here’s how it works: brewers rent a space for a day or two, make their own creations, then market it to the public. These one off specialty suds set themselves apart from more traditionally brewed beers because the people that concoct these beverages have a deep passion for what they do, and love formulating unique recipes that stand apart from the rest.

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Q&A: Dee Charboneau of Juice Served Here

By Tawnya Manion | October 10, 2013

Juice Served Here. Photo courtesy of Dee Charboneau

Three weeks ago, the juice scene in Los Angeles just got hotter. The fashion forward juice bar, Juice Served Here, opened on West Third Street bringing cold-pressed juices, nut milks, tonics, coffees, and raw dessert to the toothsome neighborhood of West Hollywood. Last week, I sat down with Head of Operations Dee Charboneau to talk about her ever ambitious entrepreneur spirit, and the opening of the much anticipated store front. Here’s what she had to say. 

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How to Make Edible Beauty Products

By Tawnya Manion | September 26, 2013

Photo: Manchester-Monkey

Did you know the same fresh, natural foods that you eat everyday can do wonders when applied to your skin? Fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and fats contain numerous vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that help keep your skin soft, smooth, even toned, and pimple free. Edible facial masks and body products are fun, easy to use, and much cheaper then department store brands, and Marcus is all about using leftovers, so why not use these ingredients in a totally different way? All you have to do is follow these simple tips and recipes to start to see the difference between store bought and homemade skin care. 

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How to Get Your Kids to Eat a Healthy Lunch

By Tawnya Manion | September 19, 2013

school lunch
Photo: Lau Rey

Photo: Lau Rey

When it comes to children eating school lunches, parents worry, that’s why Marcus makes it a priority to educate kids on what kind of foods are out there, how to cook them, and even more importantly, how fun they are to eat. When youngsters munch in the school cafeteria, this may be the first time they have ever been able to make their own choices about what to put on their plate, and though they don’t want to admit it, they are usually a little confused on what tastes good and will keep them full all afternoon.

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4 Types of Salt and How to Use Them

By Tawnya Manion | September 12, 2013

Photo: QuintanaRoo

Marcus likes to mix things up when he’s cooking by throwing surprise flavors into traditional dishes. However, he never denies,  knowing the basics of preparing food is the first step to learning the art of cooking. That’s why in this post I want to get back to basics and explain the differences between the varying salts on the shelves of your local grocery store. Here are four different easy-to-find varieties, with tips on what they are and when to use them.

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Forget the Olive: Alternative Oils to Add to Your Pantry

By Tawnya Manion | September 3, 2013

tofu udon

One of Marcus’s main focuses in cooking is finding great alternatives. Maybe it’s substituting chickpeas for steak one night, or maybe it’s using an African spice where an Asian or Latin one is commonly used. Most of us have a staple of diverse oils that we use for specific cooking purposes—sesame for stir-fries, olive for Italian food and salads, canola for frying, and coconut for curry–but it’s important to know what oil options are out there, and what flavor they add to a dish. Fats posses a bad reputation in our flabby-phobic society; however, people forget that oils high in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids protects us from a variety of different ailments including heart disease and inflammation. Read More

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Back to the Roots Aquaponics Kit

By Tawnya Manion | August 8, 2013



The option of growing your own food just got easier and more exciting thanks to Back To The Roots’ AquaFarm. This self-cleaning aquaponic aquarium and garden makes it easy to grow a variety of greens, and keep a fish. You may know this company for their grow-it-yourself mushroom kits, but Back to the Roots’ at-home aquaponic sets bring indoor farming to a whole new approachable level.

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