Where To Eat in Austin

By admin | April 26, 2012

Photo:  Liang Shi

Photo: Liang Shi

We’re excited for the first-ever Austin Wine & Food festival this weekend! And to commemorate, we’re shining some light on the awesome Austin food scene. With the help of some Austin natives, we’ve put together a list some of the best food spots to hit while you’re in Austin. So if you’re heading over to Austin, Texas for the Fest, be sure to sneak off for a moment and try some of these local hot spots. Read More


Five Great Bread Bakeries Across America

By mahir | July 15, 2011


Bread is something that almost everyone loves, has a million uses, and can come in all sorts of flavors and styles. Whether you’re making a sandwich, a crostini, a bowl of bread salad, a grilled cheese, or just eating it alone, bread is something many people eat almost every day. And if you are eating it that often, you should probably be buying something good. Here is a short list of some of the best bakeries from around the country.  Read More


Marcus Pop Food: Food in Ft. Worth, Texas

By admin | June 30, 2011

With Chef Tim Love and team in Texas

With Chef Tim Love's Team in Texas

Learning more about regional differences in American food is one of my favorite reasons to travel. In the South I have been to Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and getting to taste the regional variations in barbecue has been a great experience. I’m slowly getting this understanding of barbecue, this special cuisine, which isn’t common for a lot of chefs in the North. Read More


MARCUS POP FOOD: I love Texas!

By mahir | November 18, 2010

This month, I was lucky to spend back-to-back weekends in Texas – Dallas followed by Houston. I LOVE Texas…the food scene there is so undercover and exciting.

Thinking of food in Texas, our minds wander to ribs, chili and tacos. Yes, there’s tons of that and it’s all so, so good! It’s nothing less than I expected. But as with everything in food these days, the Lone Star State is evolving. Read More


Meatless Monday with Katie Cizewski- Kangaroo for Dinner?

By mahir | November 1, 2010

A friend recently told me that there are two restaurants in New York City that serve kangaroo.  “I really want to try it,” she said.  “I wonder what impact that meal will have on the environment,” I replied.  She brushed off the comment and told me more about the one restaurant that she planned on trying the kangaroo at.  Though I didn’t stop thinking about what I had said.  Here was my train of thought.  Assuming that the kangaroo meat was shipped to New York from Australia, that’s a ten thousand mile refrigerated journey.  Most of the beef in this country comes from Texas which is about fifteen hundred miles from New York.  So, on a journey that is about seven times as long, is the carbon footprint of the kangaroo about seven times as large as the footprint of the cow from Texas?  I’m not sure.

But here is something that I am sure of.   Read More


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