Marcus Makes His Way To Bermuda

By Meaghan Dillon | March 21, 2014



If you’ve been trudging through this never-ending polar winter like we have, then you’ll understand our dream of eating fresh, local fish with a view of sparkling blue water. At Marcus’s latest project, a pop-up restaurant in Bermuda called Samuelsson at HP, this will be a reality. Starting on June 3 and running through August 3, the pop-up will be a teaser for a larger scale, signature restaurant opening next spring, located at the historical Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

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Wanderlust: Midsummer in Sweden

By Mac Malikowski | May 15, 2013


The summer solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet’s semi-axis in a given hemisphere is most inclined towards the star that it orbits…and if you haven’t brushed up on your astronomy recently, it’s also means it’s time to party. Midsummer is a celebration based on the summer solstice. In Sweden specifically, Midsummer is take place on the third weekend of June with the main festivities taking place on the Friday of that weekend (this year is looking like June 21st). Read More


Wanderlust: New Orleans

By Mac Malikowski | April 3, 2013

Photo: Mac Malikowski

New Orleans

I thought I had New Orleans pinned. In my mind it was always just the Southern metropolis party city that serves chicory coffee twenty-four hours a day. I love to travel and I have always wanted to visit New Orleans but I had never expected the city to challenged me the way others cities did. I thought I had it figured out, until I actually went there. Read More


Wanderlust: Hotel Chez Swann, Montreal

By Mac Malikowski | February 20, 2013

Photo Credit: Pocketfork

When traveling, my preference is to stay in a hotel with a little edge to it, lest my hard earned money be wasted on a lifeless cement and glass tower that makes me feel like I’m staying inside a conference room. With this in mind, I’m always looking for a cool hotel that reinforces the culture of where it’s located, works with talented and ambitious artists or, at least, provides some unparalleled experience that I can make memories out of. Read More


Wanderlust: Macau

By Mac Malikowski | February 13, 2013


Describing Macau is one of the more challenging things to put into words. As a former Portuguese colony, it looks a little bit like Europe, but as a Special Administrative Region of China, with about 50,000 Macanese per square mile, it definitely functions more like the Asian metropolis that it is. Read More


Wanderlust: Tel Aviv

By Mac Malikowski | February 6, 2013

Photo: Mac Malikowski

Photo: ronsho

Living in New York, I find there exists a particularly close connection to Israel. It could be the number of Jewish-Americans that live here, connecting with American-Israelis who’ve made the big move, or the abundance of Israeli tourists that you meet in coffee shops and bars. Maybe I’ve had the lunch special at Hummus Place too many times or found myself gorging, after-hours, on desserts and coffee at Yaffa Café on one too many school nights. Read More

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Tastemaker: Jodi Ettenberg and her Worldly Appetite

By Joseph Hernandez | October 22, 2012


For Jodi Ettenberg, traveling has literally become a full time job. On the road since 2008, the lawyer-turned-professional blogger has been documenting her journeys on her leading blog, Legal Nomads. Seeking out stories of different cultures and highlighting the travelers and people she has met along the way, Ettenberg also developed a penchant for waxing poetic about the international flavors she encountered.

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Worldly Inspirations: An Interview with Designer Barbara Abbatemaggio from Sorelle Firenze

By admin | February 16, 2012

Barbara and Monica Abbatemaggio

By: Cyndi Amaya

Traveling to far off places often leaves us with inspiration; whether it’s a new outlook on life or an insight to a culture different from ours. For Barbara Abbatemaggio, traveling always works as an inspiration to her and her fashion line, Sorelle Firenze. One particular recent trip to Ethiopia, has inspired her and her business partner and sister, Monica, to bring in traditional Ethiopian textiles and techniques and blend it to their chic New York City style.

Check out our interview below of Barbara and what inspired her recent scarf collection for Sorelle Firenze. Read More


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