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Notes from LinkedIn: Eat Globally, Eat Better – Hello Vietnam!

By Marcus Samuelsson | November 1, 2012


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Originally posted on LinkedIn where I contribute weekly stories as part of their INfluencers program

Just like I am keeping my eyes on the culinary landscape of Brazil, I believe Vietnamese is another cuisine to watch. With its abundance of vegetables, minimal use of oils, and liberal application of spice, Vietnamese food is not only delicious but is also considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. The country’s better-known dishes include phò, the broth and noodle soup, bánh mì sandwiches, and gỏi cuốn, more popularly known as summer rolls. Read More


Food and Fashion: An Interview with Designer Brittany My Linh Vu

By admin | September 13, 2011

Brittany's Show

By: Ashley Bode

Manhattan is known just as much for fashion design as it is for food. During New York Fashion Week, the city shows off its finest designs and those visiting can see how well the two industries complement one another. It is the opportunity to be reminded of roots and traditions, and how they inspire all aspects of our life.

Case in point: Brittany My Linh Vu; a spit-fire personality and budding fashion designer from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Read More


Vietnamese Pho

By mahir | February 7, 2011

Vietnamese Pho

The Without Borders Chefs are now making Vietnamese Pho in Hanoi.  Check out their culinary adventure here. Read More


Traditional Vietnamese Pho

By mahir | January 7, 2011

I love this video of the guys from without borders learn how to make traditional Vietnamese Pho.  It’s a soup that combines rice, scallions, and beef with a hearty broth poured on top.  And make sure to say it correctly! It’s pronounced “fuh” not “foh.” Read More


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