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How To Pair Wine with Barbecued Foods

By Christopher Stewart | July 3, 2013

steak, wine, grill

Deciding what wine to pair with grilled steak is easier than you think. (Photo: mike912mueller)

The start of the grilling season means delicious smokey meals, perfectly charred dinners, and even grill-inspired desserts. While a nice glass of your favorite wine is desired for any meal, when the grills come out, the bottles of wine seem to go in. But just like you pair your wine with your light salad for lunch or a hearty stew that’s been cooking all day for dinner, wine can also be paired with grilling and barbecue.  For the holiday weekend and many sunny weekends after, here are 3 tips to help you pair wine at your next barbecue.  Read More


Off the Shelf: Wines of the Southern Hemisphere

By Christopher Stewart | March 6, 2013

wine book

In this new series we explore the books, new and old, that sit on our conference bookshelf. 

Wine has been around for thousands of years but now more than ever, wine is popular through out the entire world. Known wine regions such as the United States and Europe are where people generally go to when searching for a great bottle of wine, but now, other countries are producing wines that are gaining major recognition from wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, and chefs,  even down to the amateur wine drinker. Wines of the Southern Hemisphere: The Complete Guide  by known world wine guys Mike Desimone and Jeff Jenssen have put together a 592-page guide to everything you need to know about wines below the equator. Read More

What To Eat And Drink

Take Time to Smell the Rosé

By Dylan Rodgers | May 24, 2012

Photo: Evil Yoda

Photo: Evil Yoda

When thinking wine, the big question always seems to be “Red or White?”  Before you just blurt out a response in reflex, assess the situation.  What time of year is it?  Are you eating or just drinking?  If eating, what food are you in the mood for?

The answer to each of these questions gets you a little closer to the perfect wine for your situation, but there is a way to supersede the inquiry all together:  simply ask for a rosé.

The stigma about rosé as a spring and summer wine is purely dogmatic winery. Description:‘Connoisseurs’ that suggest this seasonal restriction have probably never tasted a good rosé during the winter for fear of breaking the ‘rules’ of wine that have no more to do with wine than manners have to the taste of the food.

The rosé is by far the most versatile wine on the market.  Read More


5 Affordable Sparkling Wines

By Michele Wolfson | May 24, 2012

Photo: Scott Schiller

Photo: Scott Schiller

Did you know that there are 49 million bubbles in one bottle of champagne? Perhaps, it’s just that which makes sparkling wines everyone’s light go-to drink during this warm time of year. Champagne and other sparkling wines are in fact a category of wine and that are typically derived from a blend of grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier.

The difference between Champagne and other sparkling wines is that Champagne comes exclusively from the Champagne region of France and claims the honor of being the most famous of the sparkling wines. Technically, it is the only sparkling wine that may be referred to as “Champagne.” Bubbly from all other regions in the world are simply referred to as “sparkling wine,” “prosecco,” or “cava.” However, countries like Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. can give France a run for the money by producing some fantastic sparkling wines and they are often less expensive.

Here is a list of our 5 Sparkling Wines that are delicious and affordable. They are the perfect buy this time of year whether you are going to a party as a guest or throwing a summer shindig of your own. Read More


Take That France! : The Growing Popularity of Chinese Wine

By Jeannette | March 8, 2012

Photo: toyohara

Photo: toyohara

By: Justin Chan

Are you ready to swap your Bordeaux for a Ningxia? A what, you may ask? According to a recent blind taste test of wine experts, it seems as though Bordeaux winemakers may have just met their match…in East Asia!

Grape wine has a long but ambiguous history in China. Although it has become widely popular nowadays, it was a little-known beverage until globalization exposed millions of Chinese to its acetic and astringent flavor. Scholars say that the first documentation of westernized wine came as early as the 7th century, although evidence suggests that grape seeds were brought to China from what is now considered Uzbekistan during the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD). The large importation of grapes during these early years, however, did little to maintain the appeal of grape wine among the Chinese, and the beverage was soon replaced by alcoholic beverages made of millet, sorghum and rice.

It was not until the 19th century that wine became popular again in China. Read More


5 Great and Affordable Sparkling Wines for the Holiday Season

By admin | December 30, 2011

Photo: bernat

Photo: bernat

By: Michele Wolfson

Did you know that there are 49 million bubbles in one bottle of champagne? I learned that fact the hard way when I guessed the wrong answer in an intense game of Foodie Fight, a trivia game designed for Foodies that I bought from The Filling Station in Chelsea Market. While it’s a known fact that I hate losing, I was fascinated to learn that this New Years Eve (probably sooner, who am I kidding?), I will be sipping on approximately 9,800,000 bubbles if mine is one of five glasses from a bottle.

I also learned that Champagne is considered to be a true wine. Read More


Red Rooster’s Christian Post’s Holiday Champagne Picks

By admin | December 30, 2011

Photo: Kevin Glowacki

Photo: Kevin Glowacki

Here to tell us about his classic Champagne choices for the holidays as well as a little background into Champagne history, is Red Rooster‘s Bar Director, Christian Post:

Of course it really isn’t the holidays without having friends and family visiting; and nothing says “Welcome to our home” better than a nice Champagne, especially this time of year.  So I recommend that you have some Champagne in your refrigerator chilled and ready to go.  But with so many to choose from which one should you pick?  Read More


How to Choose Perfect Holiday Wines

By admin | December 23, 2011

Photo: Emiliano De Laurentiis

Photo: Emiliano De Laurentiis

By: Michele Wolfson

Wine can be an essential part of a meal (or of a day for that matter), especially during the Holidays. Preparing a huge Thanksgiving feast for 15 people with 15 side dishes can leave you feeling overwhelmed, to say the least. Not to mention that Christmas and Chanukah are right around the corner, which means more cooking and gatherings that focus on food and beverage. Don’t let the task of choosing wines that pair well with your dishes weigh you down like it’s a chore. Ignore the books that over-complicate matters and the formulas that give out too much information that by the end of reading, your head is spinning.

The truth of the matter is that you should choose wines that have simple characteristics when it comes to pairing them with meals that have a variety of different dishes. Read More


South African Wine Tasting At Red Rooster Harlem

By admin | September 27, 2011

Deborah Yates and Makeba Lloyd

Last night, Red Rooster Harlem hosted its first of a series of Wine Maker Meet and Greets, this time showcasing South African wine maker Mark Solms, of Solms Delta winery. This exotic wine tasting kicked off at 6:30pm at the bar where guests could taste from variety of South African Solms Delta wines, including the Cape Jazz Shiraz, Langarm blend, and Africana Shiraz. DJ Eddie Ed set the mood for the night by playing popular South African hits; everything from early 70’s jazz and pop to modern day house and hip hop. Red Rooster’s kitchen also fired up some South African bites for guests, including Bunny Chow, Fried Yard Bird Nuggets with Atjar, and Pop Cake Fries with spicy mayo. The restaurant quickly filled with guests wanting to meet and talk to winery owner Mark Solms and Red Rooster Bar Director Christian Post for an insight to South African wines. Read More


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