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Ambessa Tea Stories: 8 Ways to Pair Tea With Your Meal

By Ashley Beck | April 16, 2013

photo by: pmagalhaes

photo by: pmagalhaes

Just like wine, tea is a great way to accentuate the flavors in a meal. Also like wine, certain teas pair best with certain foods depending on the aroma, texture and taste of the tea. The aroma, for example, can range from floral to fruity to vegetal, from earthy to toasty to spicy, and just like its vinified friend, the list goes on. The lighter end of the spectrum like fruity goes best with fish and delicate fruits, floral often goes great with spicy foods, and deeper scents compliment heavier dishes like meats, buttery sauces, and rich chocolate. When it comes to texture, the tannins in black teas are most apparent, and best taken with creamy, buttery dishes so the astringency has something to cut into. Last, but not in the least, is taste, this is where tea blends can really shine; a perfectly paired dish can compliment the unique flavors that were designed to be tasted in the tea.

Here are some sweet and savory pairing suggestions using Marcus’ deliciously decadent Ambessa tea blends:

Ligonberry GreenGreen tea like a light white wine, goes great with seafood, chicken, and fruit. It is also a great accompaniment to fried food as its light texture and high acidity cuts the fat, and lessens any indigestion that may occur. What’s more is the fruity ligonberry essence is great with meats, fish and  pudding.

Sweet: Coconut Rice Pudding with Fried Bananas

Savory: Scallops with Blood Orange Gastrique


Safari BreakfastBlack tea has a tannic quality similar to a bold red, and therefore holds up to bigger flavors, like roasted and grilled meats, stews, chocolate, and fruit desserts.

Sweet: Nectarine Galette

Savory: Peruvian Roast Chicken


Choco Nut Blend: This blend of black tea, marigold petals, and apricots gives the tea a chocolatey aroma with a medium bodied texture and a light peanut and caramel finish. The characteristics of this tea make it a great pair to spicy foods, and strong earthy flavors.

 Sweet: Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

 Savory: Cauliflower Curry


Earl of Harlem: This particular Earl Grey tea has a lovely smokiness to it and is a delightful companion to cheese dishes, citrus, dark chocolate, and creamy dishes like creme brulee or a vegetable gratin.

 Sweet: Orange Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

 Savory: Gourmet Grilled Cheese


And with the weather finally warming up, try any of these tasty pairings with the tea iced!

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