Ambessa Tea Stories: Tea as Nature’s Febreze

By Ashley Beck | June 26, 2013


(Photo: hamblin)

Ambessa’s Earl of Harlem and Choco Nut Blend are a great way to keep drawers fresh. (Photo: hamblin)

Oh tea and all of its versatile ways…We’ve shown you how to apply it to your face, brew it without heat, infuse it into your food and pair it with a meal. Now I’m going to tell you that you can reuse your tea as an air freshener right? Exactly.

So yes, there is Febreze, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that believes it doesn’t really neutralize odors. If anything, it tends to add a fresh or flowery scent to the not so fresh or flowery scent it’s trying to eliminate. Which is almost worse.

Solution? Try using tea as an alternative to those masking spritz and sprays. You can dry out and reuse tea bags you’ve already enjoyed or use new ones. Pick something that is quite fragrant. Ambessa’s Earl of Harlem or Choco Nut Blend are both great choices that add a nice scent to smaller areas like a bathroom, closet or drawer, leaving them smelling so fresh and so clean, naturally.

Feel that you may need something a bit stronger? To really get the job done, use green tea. Green tea’s antioxidant component, the catechin EGCG , has not only shown to improve memory, it also acts as a deodorizer. Ambessa Ligonberry Green Tea’s touch of ligonberries adds another great element of fragrance. Green tea is great for things like gym bags, shoes, and even cat litter.

Ambessa's ligonberry green tea acts fabulously as a room deodorizer with a hint of fragrance.

Ambessa’s Ligonberry green tea acts fabulously as a room deodorizer with a hint of fragrance.

So next time you need to eliminate tough odors or just freshen up a small space…grab a bag of your favorite tea and let nature work its magic.

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