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By | October 31, 2011

Whether it’s finding the best goat tacos in LA, spotting a well-worn vintage bag in Sweden, or interviewing the “crab man” selling seafood on a corner in Harlem, we tell stories seen from Chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s point of view. strives to create conversations about food, nutrition, culture, art, and design. We want to find people who inspire so you can aspire. We aim to highlight stories that focus on improving communities and to the tastemakers who are doing it beautifully. It’s a place where you can learn a new idea, a new perspective, or try a new recipe. Our editorial team of interns and contributors keep in mind the notion to eat global and think local, and we present it in ways that are uncomplicated, unpretentious, but always yummy and delicious.

Jeannette Park, Content Director

Growing up, Jeannette’s family never greeted each other with, “Hi.” It was always, “What’s for dinner?” A New York girl who has managed to keep her L.A. swagger, she studied political science at Tufts, em-dashed her way through journalism school at Northwestern, and tracked the rise and fall of hemlines as a fashion editor before joining the Marcus Samuelsson Group. As Content Director she manages the editorial content and oversees social media strategy for With an affinity for minutiae, she’s learned “Yes, Chef” is always the right answer. Oh, and she’s never encountered a spicy sauce she didn’t like.

Joseph Hernandez, Editorial Contributor

Joseph Hernandez doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but knows it will involve a heaping helping of whatever dish is laid out in front of him. Raised in Southern California, he left the temperate climes of the OC for the chilly winters of Chicago, where he earned his degree in journalism and developed an impenetrable layer of blubber, thanks to the city’s deep dish pizza and hot dogs. In recent years, he has edited an online travel magazine, helped produce two international travel blogging conferences, and has written about fashion, food, wine, and travel for various online publications. With a voracious appetite for wine, food, travel and culture, he’s just a Renaissance man trying to be more Renaissance-y.

Emelyn Rude, Editorial Contributor

As a life-long vegetarian, Emelyn Rude naturally studied meat history as a Social Studies concentrator at Harvard University. In between perusing piles of cookbooks and centuries of eating manifestos, she managed to run a few miles, make a few playlists, and perfect the art of turning dining hall fare into culinary masterpieces. Now a wayward graduate living in New York City, she hopes to write (and eat) her way to the top of the food world, even if that means living of peanut butter and jelly for a few more years.

Joel Kahn, Videographer

Joel has been thoroughly and utterly obsessed with food since the age of thirteen. It was at that age that Joel discovered the original Japanese version of Iron Chef, and decided that staying home on Saturday nights trying new recipes was more important than going out to Bar Mitzvahs. Since then, Joel earned a degree in Film & Television from Boston University, got over his allergy to pork (sorry, Mom), and has worked in the video departments of Nylon Magazine and Baeble Media. On his free time, you can find Joel traipsing around Park Slope and peddling various pasture raised meats.

Tawnya Manion, Editorial Contributor

Tawnya Manion was born and raised on a farm outside Kansas City, Kansas and though she loved the farm, her family, and her hometown she was itching to get out of the midwest. At 18, she left town to follow her dream and work in show business. Her passion took her to Hamburg, Germany, San Francisco, New Orleans, and New York City. However, after working and traveling for ten years she decided to settle down and go back to school. Currently, Tawnya studies her other fervency, nutrition and food studies, at New York University. She inspires to become a Registered Dietitian and better peoples’ health by keeping them in touch with their bodies and the foods they eat.

Ashley Beck, Recipe & Editorial Contributor

Ashley Suzan Beck was raised in Newport Beach, California, where she inherited her love for the kitchen from her Armenian mother and grandmother. Beck graduated from New York University with a major in Business Management of the Arts and a minor in food studies. Immediately after finishing school, she began working as the Manager at Tre restaurant in the Lower East Side where she learned what it takes to run a successful restaurant. She is also co-author of the recipes column for the online quarterly, Works & Days. When not working, cooking or creating a new cocktail, she enjoys running along the East River, knitting, sketching, reading Fitzgerald, and dining out with friends. Ashley lives in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with her Morkie, Coco, and can be followed on Twitter @AshleySuzan.

MSG Bio Pic 

Christopher Stewart, chef, food blogger, and blossoming food writer, knew food was instilled in her from the very beginning. At a young age Christopher recalls sitting on the washing machine listening to cooking stories from her grandfather, a retired chef. At age 14, Christopher watched a show about The Culinary Institute of America on television. After watching in amazement she told her parent she knew where she would be attending college. Now, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Christopher has been in several NYC kitchens, including becoming executive chef at 24. After achieving her culinary goals, Christopher has now set out on a new adventure turning her love for writing on her popular blog, “Eating Fabulously” into a delicious journey of food writing. Her new found love for food writing, keeps food close to her heart and also provide her with unique opportunities to showcase her writing

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Whether it’s finding the best goat tacos in LA, spotting a well-worn vintage bag in Sweden, or interviewing the “crab man” selling seafood on a corner in Harlem, we tell stories seen from Chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s point of view. strives to create conversations about food, nutrition, culture, art, and design. We want to find Read More


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